Prominent Minnesota lawmakers and candidates are invited to speak on the subject of Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission and corporate personhood 5 p.m. Jan. 21 at Sage on Laurel, 606 Laurel St., Brainerd.

Congressman Pete Stauber, R-Duluth, DFL challenger Quinn Nystrom, as well as Sens. Amy Klobuchar and Tina Smith. D-Minn., are invited to attend and share their position on the issue.

On Jan. 21, 2010, the U.S. Supreme Court decided in favor of corporations instead of the people with the Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission case, according to a news release by advocacy group Move to Amend, granting corporations personhood. This allows corporations “free speech” and the ability to spend any amount of money to influence elections, to sponsor legislation and to shape public policy.

On Jan. 21, 2020, exactly 10 years after the Supreme Court’s decision, Move to Amend groups across America are calling attention to what they describe as the harm caused to the democratic process in the American republic. All interested people are invited to attend this event.

This event is sponsored by Lakes Area Move to Amend, an affiliate of a nationwide, nonpartisan effort to amend the U.S. Constitution defining “person” as human only, and stating that money is not a form of constitutionally protected speech.