Rep. Ron Kresha, R-Little Falls, announced Thursday, Jan. 16, that he will introduce a bill requesting bonding funds for the Lake Shamineau Lake Improvement District to make the necessary improvements to prevent or alleviate flooding, as outlined in the Lake Shamineau High Water Mitigation Project.

The bill, which will be pre-filed on Jan. 31 will request up to $2,275,000 to be included in this year’s Capital Investment bill.

“This is an incredibly important issue to our community, especially in light of the extreme flooding we saw this fall,” Kresha stated in the news release. “The area around Lake Shamineau saw homeowners displaced, property damaged and businesses impacted because of the historically high water levels. This bill will allow the Lake Shamineau Lake Improvement District to make the changes necessary to ensure that our area will be protected from the extremely high water the community experienced in October.”

Kresha called for a disaster declaration in October in response to the historically high water levels at Lake Shamineau, where the Department of Natural Resources measured water levels 3 feet higher than the ordinary high water mark.