In its Monday, Feb. 3, meeting, the Breezy Point City Council unanimously agreed to purchase a dynamic city hall sign.

The council agreed to purchase a 176- by 172-inch lighted sign, which will list events and other points of interest for passersby.

“The council directed staff to go with the larger sign with the higher number of pixels, and that costs more,” City Administrator Patrick Wussow said. “With the dynamic lighting and plastic lettering - all from RHL - their cost is $25,000. Electrical from Evergreen Electrical is $2,700 to bring electricity to that site. The low bidders on the block, stone and wood work - Johnson Landscaping - came in at $23,000 … That total comes to $50,750. The only thing we did not include is additional lighting.”

That total exceeds what the city budgeted for the sign, but Mayor Tom Lillehei informed those in attendance the city does have the money to cover the cost.

“Our comp plan identified that more communication with the public was asked for,” council member Michael Moroni said. “This does give us a more visual viewpoint to communicate word of events and items happening. In the long run, I think it will be properly used and there will be some benefits of that.”

“This makes the city stand out,” council member Gary Bakken said. “Even though it is a little over budget, that is the cost of growing pains.”

The council also agreed to renew its agreement with Pelican Township for police services.

“We have been doing this for quite a few years now, and it is working out very well,” Police Chief Kevin Merschman said. “They seem to be very happy with our services, and it obviously offsets a lot of our costs, so it has a positive impact for Breezy Point.”

Council member Gary Mitchell was not in attendance Feb. 3.

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