The 2020 legislative session is underway and Rep. Dale Lueck, R-Aitkin, stated in a news release that he is focused on making sure the Legislature and governor use common sense when dealing with policy issues.

“The state’s two-year budget was put in place in 2019, so this session we will focus on state bonding and policy issues,” Lueck stated in the release. “The challenge will be making sure the legislature and the governor use common sense when dealing with policy issues. We have many important policy items to work on in healthcare, transportation, taxes, education and environmental policy.”

“It’s important that we leave the extreme policy issues on the sidelines and rather focus on issues like eliminating the state income tax on social security retirement benefits, lowering the cost of healthcare, strengthening our local economies by fostering a job creating environment, improving educational outcomes and investing wisely in protecting our environment,” Lueck concluded.

Lueck said he welcomes input and encourages District 10B residents to contact him via email at: or by phone 651-296-2365. From now through May 18, Lueck said he will normally be in St. Paul Monday through Thursday, with Fridays spent back in his district.