Congressman Pete Stauber, R-Duluth, announced Monday, April 6, that the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development has allocated more than $3 million in funding between all five tribes in Minnesota’s 8th Congressional District. These funds will help provide the tribes with the resources they need during this national emergency, including affordable housing opportunities.

“As the federal government continues to mitigate the impact of this national crisis, it is imperative that tribal communities throughout rural Minnesota are not ignored or left behind,” Stauber stated in a news release. “That’s why I am delighted to announce that all five tribes across Minnesota’s 8th Congressional District will receive funding to help address the urgent needs of indigenous people during this difficult time.”

The following tribes will receive funding:

  • The Boise Forte Band of Minnesota Chippewa

  • The Fond Du Lac Band of Minnesota Chippewa

  • The Grand Portage Band of Minnesota Chippewa

  • The Leech Lake Band of Minnesota Chippewa

  • The Mille Lacs Band of Minnesota Chippewa