With changes made to Brainerd garbage pickup policies at the last city council meeting Monday, Nov. 16, city staff wants to clarify to residents that enforcement of the new regulations will not begin until after everyone has been properly notified.

The major change for many residents is the shift from street pickup to alley pickup, except in special circumstances. Garbage haulers are working to compile a list of addresses they believe do not have good alley access or any access at all.

“When city officials and haulers agree on the list of exempt addresses, the city will send notice to all residents explaining the change or letting them know they can continue with street pickup,” City Engineer Paul Sandy said in an email Wednesday, Nov. 18.

Residents will then be offered time to appeal the city’s decision if they believe they do not have sufficient alley access by filling out an exemption request. Upon review, city officials will either grant or deny exemptions. The city council will discuss specific exemption criteria at its meeting Dec. 7.

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