Holmstrom-Sabo ends bids for 8th Congressional District DFL nomination

Marje Holmstrom-Sabo.jpg
Marje Holmstrom-Sabo

Eighth Congressional District candidate Marje Holmstrom-Sabo recently announced she was suspending her campaign for the DFL nomination.

Holmstrom-Sabo’s decision came less than two months after launching her campaign in early October.

“I’ve come to the difficult decision to suspend my congressional campaign,” a news release from Holmstrom-Sabo’s campaign stated. “In recent days, it has become evident that the time and resource demands of a congressional campaign and the requirements of my life as a working parent are not compatible. Though my reasons for running are public, and have not changed, the private needs of my family must take priority for a time. If I must choose between pursuing a seat in Congress or the people I love who depend on me — the obvious choice is people first.”

Though Holmstrom-Sabo expressed disappointment at suspending her campaign so soon after it started, she stated it isn’t the end of her political activism.

“I remain convinced that we need voices that will speak out for the needs of working-class folks, advocate for affordable and accessible health care, and push for rural broadband to expand economic diversity and educational opportunity for all,” the release stated.


Having branded herself a throwback to a Democratic Party that emphasized working class concerns and labor rights, Holmstrom-Sabo in the release extolled a humane conception of American democracy that abides by the Constitution and the order of law. The current administration of President Donald Trump, she noted, flies in the face of these values.

In turn, Holmstrom-Sabo hinted this may not be her only foray into the political sphere.

“This is not the end of my journey,” the release stated. “This is the beginning. And I’m scrappy.”

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