9 candidates file for office before Memorial Day weekend

There were nine new filings today in a variety of categories. Most of these new filings will be contested in the upcoming election.

There were nine new filings for office Friday, May 27.

One of the nine was for state Senate District 5 as Dale A.P. Anderson of the Republican party entered the race, joining Bret Bussman and A. John Peters in a primary.

There were two filings for the State Representative category. One of which was Julie Sandstede who filed for the District 7A seat. Sandstede is running for the Democratic-Farmer-Labor party and is the current representative for District 6A. Her filing makes the District 7A a contested election. The other filing was Isaac Schultz, who is running for the District 10B seat. Schultz will join Blake Paulson and John Ulrick in a primary for the Republican party.

In Crow Wing County, there was one filing for the Commissioner District 2 seat. Jon W. Lubke entered the election against Stephen G. Olson and Robin M. Sylvester.

Mille Lacs County had two filings. The first one was Richard Savitski, who is running for the Commissioner District 4 seat against current incumbent Roger Tellinghuisen. The second is Ryan Vandenheuvel, who is running for the sheriff seat.


Dale Scholl was the sole filing for Morrison County today. Scholl is the incumbent for the Soil and Water Supervisor District 4 seat and is looking for reelection.

There was only one filing in Wadena County as well. Don Burns filed for the Commissioner District 1 seat, which is currently uncontested.

The final filing for May 27 is for the city of Brainerd. Justin Grecula filed for the Council Member At Large seat against Jeff Czeczok. This makes this a contested election.

Filings on May 26State Senate

  • District 5 โ€” Dale A.P. Anderson, Republican.

State representative

  • District 7A โ€” Julie Sandstede, DFL.
  • District 10B โ€” Isaac Schultz, Republican.

Crow Wing County

  • Commissioner District 2 โ€” Jon W. Lubker.

Mille Lacs Country

  • Commissioner District 4 โ€” Richard Savitski.
  • County Sheriff โ€” Ryan VanDanheuvel.

Morrison County


  • Soil and Water Supervisor District 4 โ€” Dale Scholl.

Wadena County 

  • Commissioner District 1 โ€” Don Burns.

Brainerd City 

  • At Large โ€” Justin Grecula.

Image use: Election by Nick Youngson CC BY-SA 3.0 Alpha Stock Images

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