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Stacks of paper to illustrate lakes area meeting agendas.
Meeting agendas

Brainerd School Board

Meets 6 p.m. Monday, March 20

Forestview Middle School

12149 Knollwood Drive, Baxter

John Ward attending virtually from 16 Red Poinciana Drive, Fort Myers, Florida

1. Call the meeting to order and roll call:

2. Pledge of Allegiance:

3. Approval of the agenda as presented amended:

4. Recognitions:

Congratulations to BHS freshman Paul Sandberg who was recently selected by audition to perform with the Mid-Level All-State Orchestra. This ensemble is made up of top 7th-9th grade orchestra students from districts throughout Minnesota. They performed February 18th at the Minnesota Music Educators Association Midwinter Clinic at the Minneapolis Convention Center.


Congratulations to the Warrior Nordic Boys Ski Team for taking 4th Place at the MSHSL State Tournament and the Warrior Nordic Girls Ski Team for placing 11th. Congratulations on your great season.

Congratulations to the Warrior Nordic Ski Teams for both receiving the All State GOLD Team Award. This is in recognition of the team having an GPA Average of 3.75 or above.

Congratulations to Warrior Nordic Skier Cally Roberstson for receiving All-State Academic Recognition.

Congratulations to the Warrior Dance Team for taking 3rd Place in the MSHSL Class AAA High Kick and for taking 5th Place in Class AAA Jazz.

Congratulations to Semme Hiltner and Bailey Clausen for being selected to the Class AAA Jazz All Tournament Team, and to Semme Hiltner and Madison Avery for being selected to the Class AAA High Kick All Tournament Team.

Congratulations to the Warrior Alpine Skier Calia Chaney for placing in 11th place at the MSHSL State Tournament.

Congratulations to the Warrior Gymnastics Team for finishing in 3rd place at the Section 8AA meet and congratulations to Gymnast Brenna Deason, and Josie Harguth for qualifying for the MSHSL State Meet. Brenna qualified in vault and finished 11th in the state. Josie qualified on the beam and finished 33rd in the state. The meet was held at Roy Wilkins Auditorium February 24 & 25, 2023.

Congratulations to Warrior Gymnastics Coach Jessica Larson for being selected as the 8AA Coach of the Year!


Congratulations to the Warrior Boys Swimming and Diving Team for earning the Section 8AA Team Title and qualifying in six different events for the MSHSL Meet. The State Meet was held March 2-4 at Jean K. Freeman Aquatic Center. Results from the state meet are:

Mason Kuepers was in the championship final of the 50 and 100 freestyle finishing 4th in the 50 and 6th in the 100.

Parker Tatge finished 14th in the 500 freestyle, setting a new school record.

Wyatt Gabrielson finished 13th in the one meter diving

Cayden Sumption finished 11th in the 100 breaststroke

Congratulations to Head Swimming Coach John Zemke for being named Section 8AA Coach of the Year along with Dan Scirmer of Buffalo.

Congratulations to Assistant Swimming and Diving Coach Owen Trout for being named the Section 8AA Co-Diving Coach of the Year.

Congratulations to Assistant Swimming Coach Carl Schirmer for being named the Section 8AA Assistant Coach of the Year.


Congratulations to Warrior Wrestlers Easton Dircks, Isaiah Jillson, Shane Carlson, and Eli Wiskow for winning their respective weight classes in the Section 8AAA Tournament and qualifying for the MSHSL Tournament. Congratulations to Isaiah Germann and Cade Ostrowski for both finishing in second place and qualifying for the MSHSL Tournament, which was held March 2-4 at the Xcel Energy Center. Results from the state meet are:

Freshman Easton Dircks finished 4-2 placing in 5th place at 132#’s

Sophomore Cade Ostrowski finished 0-1 at 126#’s

Senior Isaiah Germann finished 0-1 at 138#’s

Senior Isaiah Jillson finished 1-2 at 145#’s

Sophomore Shane Carlson finished 1-2 at 182#’s

Senior Eli Wiskow finished 1-2 at 220#’s

Congratulations to the BHS Knowledge Bowl Teams for finishing in 1st and 4th at the Regional competition. They will be moving on to the Minnesota State Tournament being held April 13 & 14, 2023 at Cragun’s Resort.


Congratulations to the Warrior Boys Basketball Team for winning the Central Lakes Conference Championship.

5. Public Input: A member of the public can address the board during this time. Comments will be limited to three minutes. Complaints or allegations against students or employees may not be discussed due to data privacy. Complaints or allegations must be submitted in writing to Superintendent Hahn. The Board of Education/Superintendent will not converse with guests to address the topic(s) discussed at that time.

6. Approval of Minutes:

A. Regular School Board Meeting - February 13, 2023

7. Consent Calendar: Hires are approved pending negotiated contracts/agreements and a district approved /acceptable background check.

Staff Changes/Leaves

Gifts & Grants

Ratify Payment of Bills


8. Presentations:

Career Pathways: Amy Sjoblad

Other Postemployment Benefits (OPEB) Actuary Report Update: Marci Lord and Jill Urdahl

GASB 74.75 Report

9. New Business:

For Action:

Presentation: Blueprint 181 Project Update: Damion Williams, Mark Needham, and Reid Thiesse

1. Approval of PR#8 for the addition of casework and sinks in the 4 at the Washington Educational Services Building and not to exceed $68,547.82 as presented.


Widseth PR#8

Thelen’s PR#8

Holden’s PR#8

HyTec’s PR#8

Presentation: American Indian Parent Advisory Committee (AIPAC) Vote of Concurrence /


Annual Compliance

AIPAC Resolution

AIPAC Self Assessment

2. Acknowledgement of the American Indian Parent Advisory Committee District Annual Compliance (AIPAC) Documentation and Resolution Vote as presented: Candace Burckhardt

3. Approval of Food Service Main Distributor Bid for 2023-24 School Year with a potential 4 year extension as presented: Alissa Thompson

Bid Scoring Recap

RFP Bid Scoring Analysis

4. Approval of the Ratification of the Confidential Contract: Angie Bennett

5. Approval of the Review of MSBA Policies as presented: Heidi Hahn and Candace Burckhardt

110 - Service / Therapy Animals

110F - Therapy Animal Registration Form

203.5 - School Board Meeting Agenda

204 - School Board Meeting Minutes

206 - Public Participation in School Board Meetings/Complaints about Persons at School Board Meetings and Data Privacy Considerations

211 - Criminal or Civil Action Against School District. School Board Member, Employee, or Student

303 - Superintendent Selection

532 - Use of Peace Officers and Crisis Teams to Remove Students with IEP’s from School

6. Approval of the First Reading of revised MSBA Policies as presented: Heidi Hahn and Candace Burckhardt

202 - School Board Officers

414 - Mandated Reporting of Child Neglect or Physical or Sexual Abuse

414.1 - Maltreatment Reporting Form

415 - Mandated Reporting of Maltreatment of Vulnerable Adults

7. Approval of Second and Final Reading of Revised MSBA Policies as presented: Angie Bennett

413 - Harassment and Violence

413.1 - Harassment and Violence Report Form

418 - Drug Free Workplace / Drug Free School

10. Informational:

Brainerd Public Schools Foundation - Sarah Speer

Business Services Report – Marci Lord

Enrollment Report

Financial Report

Superintendent’s Report - Dr. Heidi Hahn

11. Future Meetings:

March 20, Regular School Board Meeting, 6 p.m.

March 21, Equity Task Force Meeting, 3:15 p.m.

March 22, Student Support Services & Activities Committee Meeting, noon, FMS

March 25, Army LTC Hortense McKay Event

March 29, Long Range Planning & Facilities Committee Meeting, noon, FMS

Kindergarten Round Up, 5 p.m.

April 3-7, National Assistant Principals Recognition Week

April 4, National School Librarian Appreciation Day

Project Oversight Task Force Meeting, 8 a.m.

April 5, MSBA Board Chair Chat

April 10, Regular School Board Meeting, 6 p.m.

April 11, PartnerEd ListeningCommunity Session, 12:45 p.m.

PartnerEd Community Stakeholder Meeting, 4:30 p.m.

13. Adjourn:

Student Support Services Committee & Activities Meeting

Meets noon Wednesday, March 22

Forestview Middle School

12149 Knollwood Drive, Baxter

Purpose: The purpose of the Student Support Services and Activities is to assist the School Board and administration in creating comprehensive student support services and activities. This committee will work with the Director of Student Support Services and Director of Activities in providing district-wide development of programs and services to meet the holistic and diverse needs of students through specialized programming in academics, arts, athletics, and activities.

1. Call the meeting to order and roll call: Chair Brekken

2. Approval of the agenda as presented / amended:

3. Department Overview:

a. Student Support Services & Equity Department

b. Activities Department

4. Policy and Legislative Updates:

a. New Overdose Medication policy

5. Committee and Task Force Information Sharing:

a. Equity Task Force

b. American Indian Parent Advisory Committee

6. Data Review, Grants, & Contracts:

a. Collaborative service worker contracts and positions

b. Non-Exclusionary Discipline grant

c. Alternative Delivery of Specialized Instructional Services (ADSIS) grant

d. Non-continuation participation agreements and cooperative agreements

e. Essentia

7. Future Meetings:

March 25, Army LTC Hortense McKay Event

March 29, Long Range Planning & Facilities Committee Meeting, noon, FMS

Kindergarten Round Up, 5 p.m.

April 4, Project Oversight Task Force Meeting, 8 a.m.

April 5, MSBA Board Chair Chat

April 10, Regular School Board Meeting, 6 p.m.

April 11, PartnerEd ListeningCommunity Session, 12:45 p.m.

PartnerEd Community Stakeholder Meeting, 4:30 p.m.

8. Adjourn:

Brainerd Board of Commissioners Meeting

Meets 1 p.m. Wednesday, March 22

Brainerd HRA Office Conference Room

324 E River Road, Brainerd





Allie Verchota, filling term set to expire on 12/31/2024



Approval of Minutes from Regular Board Meeting on Feb. 22


a. Review of Strategic Goals



a. Financial Report

b. HCV Report

c. Housing Management Report

d. Rehab Programs Report

e. Executive Director Report


10. NEXT MEETING: April 26


Brainerd City Council

Meets 7:30 p.m. Monday, March 20

City Hall, 501 Laurel St., Brainerd, Council Chambers

The public is invited to attend these meetings in person

Attend by phone City Council: 1-844-992-4726 Meeting Access Code: 2499 459 5222

Attend by phone Personnel and Finance 7:15 p.m. Committee: 1-844-992-4726 Meeting Access Code: 2484 553 6035

Attend by phone Safety and Public Works 7 p.m. Committee: 1-844-992-4726 Meeting Access Code: 2489 395 9937

Meetings are broadcast on CTC ch 8, Charter ch 181, YouTube, AppleTV, Roku, and Amazon FireTV

1. Call To Order

2. Roll Call

3. Pledge Of Allegiance

4. Approval Of Agenda - Voice Vote

5. Consent Calendar

NOTICE TO PUBLIC - all matters listed are considered routine by the Council and will all be enacted by one (1) motion. There will be no separate discussion of these items unless good cause is shown prior to the time the Council votes on the motion to be ADOPTED BY ROLL CALL

A. Approval Of Bills

B. Approval Of Minutes

C. Approval Of Licenses

Contractor Licenses

D. Department Activity Reports

E. Approve Temporary 3.2 Percent Malt Beverage (Beer) On-Sale License- Submitted By Brainerd Eagles Club #287 For An Event To Be Held On April 22, 2023 At Memorial Park, 1700 Mill Ave, Brainerd- Contingent Upon Inspections

F. Approve Temporary On-Sale Liquor License- Submitted By BPOE Lodge 615 For An Event To Be Held On May 10, 2023 At Brainerd National Guard Armory, 1115 Wright St, Brainerd- Contingent Upon Inspections

G. Adopt Resolution BCA Joint Powers Agreement For City Prosecution

6. Council Committee Reports

A. Safety And Public Works Committee 7 p.m.

WebEx Teleconference Call-In Information

Call Toll-Free: 1-844-992-4726; Access Code: 2489 395 9937

1. Approve Event/Parking Lot Closure Application - Tour Of Lakes Cycling Event

2. Adopt Resolution Authorizing Application For LMC Grant Navigation Support

3. Approve FHWA Title VI Assurances Agreement

4. Approve Historic Water Tower Additional Items

5. Approve Plans/Spec And Authorize Bidding - 2023 Seal Coat Project

6. Approve Quote For Testing Services For North Brainerd Reconstruction

7. Approve Transit Fare Increase For Brainerd

B.Personnel And Finance Committee 7:15 p.m.

WebEx Teleconference Call-In Information

Call Toll-Free: 1-844-992-4726 Access Code: 2483 553 6035

1. Consider Step 5 Wage For Lineworker Job Offer

2. Adopt Resolution Supporting Public Safety Duty Disability Legislation

3. Approve The Promotion Of John Davis To Police Chief

7. Unfinished Business

A. Call For Applicants - Informational

(Application information at

Mayor Recommended: (terms to expire on 12/31 of said year)

Charter Commission – 2 terms (Expire 2026) 2 terms (Expire 2025)

Rental Dwelling License Board of Appeals – 5 terms (Expire 2024)

TAC-- 1 term (Expire 2023)

Mayor Recommended: (terms to expire 09/07 of said year)

Economic Development Authority (EDA) – 1 term (Expire 2028) 1 term (Expire 2026)

Council President Recommended: (terms expire on 12/31 of said year)

Parking Commission-- 1 term (Expire 2026)

Planning Commission-- 1 term (Expire 2025)

8. New Business

A. Call For Public Hearing On April 3, 2023 For Small Cities Development Program (SCDP) Proposal To Department Of Employment And Economic Development (DEED)

B. Consider Conditional Use Permit For A 5-Unit Apartment At 2307 Crestview Lane

9. Public Forum

Time allocated for citizens to bring matters not on the agenda to the attention of the Council - Time limits may be imposed

10. Staff Reports

11. Mayor's Report

12. Council Member Reports

13. Adjourn

Brainerd Public Library Board

Meets 6 p.m. Wednesday, March 22

Library small meeting room

Finance Committee meets at 5:30 p.m.

1. Call to Order

2. Roll Call/Introductions

3. Approve agenda

4. Approve minutes of March 1, 2023, meeting

5. President’s report

6. Librarian’s report

7. Finance Committee report

8. Building & Grounds Committee report

9. Policy Committee report

10. KRL Rep’s report

11. Friends of the Library report

12. Open Forum

13. Unfinished Business

14. New Business

15. Adjourn

Pillager Board of Education Agenda

Regular School Board Meeting

Meets 6 p.m. Monday, March 20

I. Call to Order

By Board Chair Sara Nagel

II. Pledge of Allegiance

III. Cell Phones/Electronic Devices

IV. Consider Additions/Deletions/Acceptance of the Agenda

V. Visitor Comments

VI. Consider Consent Agenda

A. Consider the minutes of the previous monthly board meeting

B. Monthly cash flow including investments

C. Monthly bills paid

D. Monthly bills paid

E. Donations

F. Personnel summary sheet

VII. Special Board Reports with Possible Action

A. Sourcewell Presentation

B. Personnel

1. Probationary Teachers Non-Renewal

Recommend the School Board adopt the resolutions relating to the nonrenewal/termination of the probationary contracts.

C. Curriculum

1. Director of Teaching and Learning Report

D. Policy

E. Activities

1. Committee Report-meeting held on March 20

Spanish Trip

F. Facilities

1. Committee Report-meeting held March 14

G. Budget

1. Business Manager Report

VIII. Other

A. Plan for the rebranding of school-student video

IX. Superintendent's Report

X. Adjournment

Pillager Board of Education Agenda

Activity Committee Meeting

Meets 4:45 p.m. Monday, March 20

I. Call to Order

By Board Chair Sara Nagel

II. Winter Activities Summary

A. Coaching Evaluation-Update and Process

B. Numbers and Results

III. Spring Activities Update

A. Programs

B. Coaching Openings

IV. Conference Information Update

V. Community Education Update

A. Classes Offered

B. Advisory Meeting

VI. Youth Sports Update

A. Winter Program Numbers

B. Spring Programs-Coaches Needed

1. Summer Offerings

VII. Wrestling Program Update

VIII. Baseball/Softball Project Update

IX. TCO and Lakewood Partnership

X. Weight Room Expansion Discussion

XI. Spanish Trip to Puerto Rico

XII. Pro Start National Competition

XIII. Adjournment

Crow Wing County Personnel Committee

Meets 8:30 a.m. Monday, March 20

Historic Courthouse

County Administrator’s Conference Room / Teams



1. Sheriff’s Office – Staffing Update – Chief Deputy Bradley and Captain Kronstedt

2. Human Resources Director Recruitment Update

3. Personnel Actions

Crow Wing County Committee of the Whole

Meets 9 a.m. Tuesday, March 21

County Board Room, 3rd Floor, Historic Courthouse, Brainerd

The agenda has been published as shown below but is subject to change to include such business as may come before the Board.


Commissioner Koering attending by Teams at 15400 Thorton Rd, Fort Myers, FL 33908

1. 9 a.m. Administrative Services Annual Report - Debby Erickson

Crow Wing County Committee Meeting Schedule

The following list includes Crow Wing County meetings that may be attended by one or more members of the Crow Wing County Board:

Meets 8:30 a.m. Monday, March 20, Personnel Committee Special Meeting, Historic Courthouse, County Administrator's Conference Room / Teams (218-302-1725, 706750213#)

Meets 9 a.m. Tuesday, Committee of the Whole, Historic Courthouse, County Board Room / Teams (218-302-1725, 352326381#)

Meets 5 p.m. Tuesday, Sourcewell Board of Directors Regular Meeting, Sourcewell, Staples

Meets 10 a.m. Thursday, Joint Northeast Emergency Communications Board/Regional Advisory Committee, St. Louis County EOC - Pike Lake, Duluth / WebEx (call 218-726-2921 for link)

Meets 6:30 p.m. Thursday, Region Five Development Commission Board, Staples

Meets 9 a.m. Friday, BLADE/Opioid Meeting, Community Services Building, Room 22C / Teams (call 218-824-1140 for link)

Meets 10 a.m. Friday, Mississippi Headwaters Board, Cass County Courthouse, Walker / Zoom (call 218-824-1189 for link)

Baxter City Council

Meets 7 p.m. Tuesday, March 21

Baxter City Hall, 13190 Memorywood Drive, Baxter

The Baxter City Council will meet in a Work Session 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, at the Baxter City Hall for a Solar Ordinance Discussion.






PUBLIC COMMENTS - Comments received from the public may be placed on a future meeting agenda for consideration.

CONSENT AGENDA - The following items are considered non-controversial by staff and are recommended to be read and passed in one motion. Any council person, staff, citizen, or meeting attendee can request one or more items be pulled from the Consent Agenda and the item will be pulled and addressed immediately after the passage of the Consent Agenda; otherwise, the following items will be passed in one motion:

1. Approve City Council Minutes from March 7, 2023

2. Approve the Payment of Bills and Finance Report (Addendum A)

3. Approve EDA Minutes from March 7, 2023

4. Approve Permit for Retail Sales of Fireworks for Cub Foods, Target, and Walmart for the period of May 1, 2023 through April 30, 2024.

5. Accept the Utilities Commission Minutes of March 8, 2023

6. Approve the Crow Wing County Construction Cost Share Agreement for Roadway Pavement markings on Various City of Baxter Streets – Project No. CP 18-200-127 and Amend the Striping Budget from $36,000 to $46,000

7. Approve the BNSF Invoice 90248604 in the amount of $13,638.83 for the TH 210 and Inglewood Drive Improvement Project, City Improvement No. 4121

8. Approve SEH Fee Amendment No. 3 in the Not to Exceed Amount of $21,400.00 for Additional Design Phase Services for the 2023 Cypress Drive and Douglas Fir Drive Improvements Project

9. Approve the AE2S SCADA Improvements Contract in the Not to Exceed Amount of $61,125.00 to Complete Tasks Identified in the Staff Recommendation

10. Approve and Authorize Execution of the YMCA – Camp Vanasek Lease

11. Approve Transfer of a Tobacco License from Holiday Station Stores, LLC to S&D Quisberg, LLC for the Period of May 1, 2023 through the Duration of the Current License Period of June 30, 2023

12. Approve Invoice from Pratt’s Affordable Excavating Inc. in the amount of $11,250.00 for Winter Tree Clearing related to 2023 Cypress Drive and Douglas Fir Drive Improvements Project

13. Adopt Resolution 2023-024 Adopting the Assessment for the 2023 Cypress Drive and Douglas Fir Drive Improvements Project, Municipal Project No. 4087

14. Accept the March 14, 2023 Planning Commission Meeting Minutes

15. Adopt Resolution 2023-022 approving the Preliminary and Final Plat to allow “Cedar Scenic Second Addition to Baxter”

16. Approve Conditional Hire of Cody Holtz as Patrol Officer at Step 1 of LELS Local #312 Wage Scale



17. Adopt Resolution 2023-023 approving the Preliminary and Final Plat to allow “Northdale Sixth Addition”


18. Connie Lyscio

19. Zach Tabatt

20. Jeff Phillips

21. Mark Cross

22. Darrel Olson




Brainerd Parks and Recreation Department

Meets 4 p.m. Tuesday, March 21

2nd Floor Conference Room

The public is invited to attend this meeting in person

1. Call to Order - 4 p.m.

2. Roll Call

3. Approval of Agenda

4. Unfinished Business

A. Master Park Planning

Gustafson, Hitch-Wayne and Evergreen Landing Parks

B. Discussion on Concessions in the Parks

5. Adjourn

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