Baxter City Council recognizes volunteers

Council authorized three special event applications for events by First Baptist Church, the annual Walk a Mile in Her Shoes and the 2022 Alzheimer’s Association Walk.

Two women stand by the podium and talk to the Baxter City Council members.
Paula Persons, left, and Carol Johnson, speak to the Baxter City Council members Connie Lyscio, Zach Tabatt, Mayor Darrel Olson, John Ward and Mark Cross Tuesday, June 7, 2022. Persons and Johnson were representing a handful of volunteers from the Captain Robert Orr Chapter of the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution working on restoration of veterans' gravestones at the Baxter Cemetery.
Renee Richardson / Brainerd Dispatch

BAXTER — The Baxter City Council recognized volunteers from the Captain Robert Orr Chapter of the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution, who responded and helped restore veterans’ gravestones at the Baxter Cemetery in May.

Representatives from the organization, Carol Johnson and Paula Persons, spoke to the council.

“The biggest thing for us is just the honor of being able to clean these stones,” Johnson said, adding they do more than veterans’ stones but when cleaning those it’s an honor to take a moment, to say their name and recognize their service.

“Well we appreciate that, appreciate your efforts and it was an honor to have you working on our cemetery,” Mayor Darrel Olson said.

“Hopefully we can come back,” Johnson said.


“Oh, you can,” Olson replied.

They noted the cleaning, which incorporates the same product used at Arlington National Cemetery, is supposed to last for a decade. Persons said they enjoy providing the service and welcome anyone who wants to join them.

In other business, the council: 

Authorized three special event applications for events by First Baptist Church, the annual Walk a Mile in Her Shoes and the 2022 Alzheimer’s Association Walk.

The First Baptist Church, on Fairview Road, is hosting a 5K run/walk fundraiser starting at 9 a.m. July 30 with the racecourse beginning and ending at the church. No roads will be closed for the event. The city reported the route will cross through the intersection on Inglewood Drive and Excelsior Road and will make a left turn onto Excelsior Road from Firewood Drive with a law enforcement officer posted at those two spots. Volunteers are expected to staff all other intersections. The event could mean two hours of overtime for the police department.

Walk a Mile in Her Shoes is designed to raise awareness and funds supporting victims of domestic violence. The event, hosted by local Sexual Assault Services, is 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Aug. 27 at Mills Ford. Participants will walk on Edgewood Drive. The city noted the walk generally takes 30-40 minutes and does require closing Edgewood Drive for that time. Organizers anticipate a couple hundred people will attend the event, which doesn’t have financial implications for the city.

The Alzheimer’s Association is hosting a walk event Sept. 24 at the Forestview Middle School site. “The event has grown to a point that it is necessary to put road closures in place to safely accommodate the amount of people participating in the walk. The estimate is that there will be 500 attendees. The city reported the number of participants will prompt staff to close portions of Knollwood Drive and Mountain Ash Drive for about an hour on the afternoon of the event. The city stated notifications will be mailed to residents living along the route and on-duty police staff will monitor the event.

Approved a permit for retail sales of fireworks for TNT Fireworks at Westside Liquor.


Adopted an ordinance amendment after a new state law, which allows a brewer license. Cities will issue a license for brewers producing 7,500 barrels or less of malt liquor annually for off-sale up to 128 ounces per customer per day in any packaging that meets state and federal regulations. The city is not proposing an additional fee at this time but will present the council with an amended city fee schedule if the state establishes a separate license fee, the city reported. In a following agenda item, the city approved an amendment to Jack Pine Brewery’s liquor license to allow for off-sale of up to 128 ounces per customer per day through the license period.

Accepted a $400 donation from the Baxter Lions Club for the 2022 Children’s Triathlon Aug. 27 at Whipple Beach toward the costs of hosting the event.

Accepted a $2,300 safety grant from CenterPoint Energy through the company’s Safety Grant Program to help purchase a utility line locator, which costs $5,202.

Appointed Chuck Anderson to streets and stormwater lead position and will begin the steps to fill a public works maintenance position he vacates for the lead position.

Approve purchase of drainage and utility eastment for 2022 Foley Road, Isle Drive and Forthun Road improvement project at an estimated cost of $32,500.

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