Jelinski announces reelection bid in Morrison County

Due to re-districting, Jeff Jelinski, like several other commissioners, finds himself with new boundary lines.

Jeffrey Jelinski
Morrison County Commissioner Jeffrey Jelinski

Morrison County Commissioner Jeffrey J. Jelinski announced he will be running for reelection representing the new District 2.

Due to redistricting, Jelinski, like several other commissioners, finds himself with new boundary lines.

“No question, District 2 looks a lot different than it did two years ago,” Jelinski stated in a news release.

For Jelinski, District 2 now consists of Belle Prairie Township, a large part of the northeast quadrant of Little Falls (Ward 2) along with the entire West Side of Little Falls (Ward 3), which also includes a portion of southeast Little Falls. It’s a big change in District 2, Jelinski said.

Jelinski was first elected in 2012. He said he still considers it an honor to represent Morrison County as a commissioner and his past experience continues to be beneficial in representing the District 2 voters and all of Morrison County.


Jelinski, a lifelong resident of Morrison County, resides in Belle Prairie Township with his wife Barb. Prior to becoming a commissioner, Jelinski spent 33-plus years working in public safety communications with the Morrison County Sheriff’s Office and the Little Falls Police Department. Today, Jelinski sits on many committees, including, but not limited to: Statewide Emergency Communications Board where he serves as vice chair, Central Minnesota Emergency Communications Board, where he serves as chair, and he also chairs the Central Region’s Emergency Medical System-Joint Powers Board.

Jelinski said in his belief, if someone is going to do this job, they should be involved and do it.

“Be the best you can be, not only representing your District, but representing all of Morrison County,” he stated.

Jelinski continues to speak at schools, driver education classes and sits on many subcommittees such as the Legislative Committee under the Statewide Emergency Communications Board. He reported he regularly attends the Owners/Operator/Users, CM RAC, along with Next Gen 9-1-1 (committees) under the Central Region ESB and continues to be involved in the Statewide Public Safety Communications Conference. He’s a member of St. Mary’s Church, and the Knights of Columbus, 1804. Jelinski is also a member of the NRA, the Morrison County Wild Gobblers and the National Wild Turkey Federation.

Looking back on his past years as commissioner, Jelinski stated he is “happy” about how things have gone, and is excited about running again.

“We may not always agree, in fact we may agree to disagree,” Jelinski stated. “However, I will do the best job I can, staying involved, being engaged, representing you, to the very best of my ability, today and everyday. Stay safe, Keep smiling, and may God continue to Bless Morrison County.”

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