Munter to run Democratic primary campaign in 8th District

Munter is one of two candidates seeking to represent the party on the general election ballot in November. The other is Jen Schultz of Duluth.

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John Munter.
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WARBA — John Munter of Warba filed to run in the Democratic primary for Congress in the 8th Congressional District.

Munter is one of two candidates seeking to represent the party on the general election ballot in November. The other is Jen Schultz of Duluth.

“The major issue is not jobs but affordable housing and property valuations,” Munter stated in a news release. “The next Congress Member needs to support the much-discussed I-35 rebuild in Duluth to reduce its size by half, giving more Lake access and new housing potential with State and Federal funding. The Department of Ag’s no-money-down mortgages need to be promoted for small towns, cities, and rural areas. HUD, the State, and non-profits need to be worked with for more affordable housing.”

Munter is a graduate of Duluth East High School, University of Minnesota-Duluth, and in 1988 from the University of Dubuque Theological Seminary with a master of divinity degree. He is a retiree from Delta Airlines in Chisholm with a union pension and lives on a small ancestral hobby farm with his family in Warba near Grand Rapids.

“I am opposing Jen Schultz because she thinks copper-nickel mining can be ecological. It can’t. Trading 20 years of jobs for more than 500 years of pollution is a crazy idea,” Munter stated.


Munter described incumbent GOP Rep. Pete Stauber as “a Libertarian who hates all government — even good government like reasonable gun regulation, flying in sorely needed baby formula, and prohibitions against oil price gouging.”

Munter said Stauber has promoted low-cost drugs, a cap on insulin, broadband, infrastructure and support for veterans and then voted against all of those issues continually.

“Most egregiously, Stauber voted against the economic interests of the 8th District in the Infrastructure bill and the financing coming in for our 29 airports, six mines, Duluth’s ‘Can-of-Worms’ project, clean-up of the St. Louis River, and putting an extra lock at the Soo Locks to prevent an economic disaster if it the big lock goes down and backs up our ore and grain,” Munter stated.

In addition, Munter characterized the national Republican platform as raising taxes on the bottom 60% of tax filers and sunset Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid in five years.

“This is insane. See Rick Scott’s 11 Point Program, the small print of bullet points 5 and 6. Stauber needs to disown this agenda,” according to the release.

Munter criticized Stauber for signing the amicus brief in the 2020 Texas v. Pennsylvania lawsuit thrown out by the Supreme Court. The suit sought to withhold the certified presidential vote count of four states, alleging those states violated the U.S. Constitution by changing election procedures through non-legislative means.

The suit “would have deleted the votes of four states allowing Republican state legislatures the ability to over-ride the vote of the people for spurious reasons,” Munter stated. “This is an existential threat for 2024 with Republican state legislature’s side-lining the role of governors, secretaries of state, and election commissions in swing states in order to appoint their own Presidential Electors. Electing politicians who support this electoral theft cannot be tolerated.”

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