Mayor proclaims 100th anniversary of Brainerd water tower

Construction on the iconic downtown structure was completed in 1920.

Brainerd Historic Water Tower Sunset3.jpg
Historic Brainerd water tower Wednesday, April 8, 2020, at sunset. Kelly Humphrey / Brainerd Dispatch

Thursday, Dec. 10, marks the 100th anniversary of Brainerd’s historic water tower, Mayor Dave Badeaux proclaimed at this week’s city council meeting.

“Whereas, the City of Brainerd is dedicated to celebrating the life and history of our area and the water tower is an important part of our collective history and should be remembered; and whereas, the Brainerd Water Tower has been, and remains to be, an icon of the City of Brainerd and is celebrated on the National Registry of Historic Places; and whereas, the Brainerd Water Tower was the first continuously poured concrete water tower in the World, dreamed up by designer and engineer L.P. Wolff; and whereas, the water tower as stood for 100 years, serving as the symbol and logo of our City and its community; and whereas, the water tower has been subject to years of harsh Minnesota conditions, and its physical structure grown weary, and whereas, the members of the community have undertaken a serious effort to save this iconic piece of Brainerd’s history; and whereas, the water tower is an important landmark to our city and our history and should be restored so it may serve as a community icon for years to come.

“Therefore, be it resolved, that Mayor Badeaux, hereby proclaims December 10th, 2020, as the 100th anniversary of the Brainerd Water Tower.”

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