MnDOT postpones public outreach efforts on Hwy 210/Washington St. in Brainerd study

In 2025 or beyond, MnDOT will reconstruct both directions of the four-lane road between Baxter Dr. and the end of the four-lane (Pine Shores Rd.)

MnDOT is temporarily postponing their public outreach efforts, due to the guidance from state health officials about protecting the health and well-being of Minnesotans and preventing further spread of COVID-19 virus.

Future improvement project: MnDOT will reconstruct and improve both directions of Hwy 210/Washington St. from Baxter Dr. to the east end of the four-lane in Brainerd, includes pedestrian sidewalks and intersections in 2025 or beyond. This study will help with planning for the future project, which will:

  • Reconstruct the road surface
  • Reconstruct curbs, gutters, raised medians and storm sewers
  • Update signal systems and improve access along the corridor, includes turn-lanes, intersections and road or driveway entrances
  • Repair or reconstruct pedestrian sidewalks, multi-use trails and road ramp approaches
  • Realign and improve access at the Hwy 210/Hwy 25/Mill Ave. intersection
  • Upgrade city utilities
  • Improve road ditch drainage

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