Pizza delivery driver says Baxter man struck him in face

Defendant claimed he is the son of God and that the world was being taken over by the devil, court document stated.

The Crow Wing County Judicial Center is off Laurel Street in Brainerd.

A 31-year-old Baxter man faces criminal charges after allegedly assaulting a pizza delivery driver.

The man was charged Friday, Jan. 8, in Crow Wing County District Court in Brainerd with gross misdemeanor obstructing the legal process and two misdemeanor charges of fifth-degree assault and tampering with a vehicle.

The Baxter Police Department was called at 4:44 p.m. Wednesday to a disturbance on the 6400 block of Atwater Road in Baxter. The delivery driver told police he was delivering a pizza at a house on the road, walked to the front door and heard loud music and yelling. After knocking, the suspect came out and tried to take the bag with pizza before paying. The delivery driver told the man he needed to pay first and the man became upset and started making statements about the government and the "coming of Christ."

The suspect told the pizza delivery driver to get off his property and the delivery driver began recording the incident as he stood beside his car. The suspect was yelling at him, approached him aggressively and told him to leave. The delivery driver started to get into his car but before he could close the door the suspect struck him in the face at least one time. The delivery driver walked to the neighbor’s house and saw the suspect get into the delivery driver’s car, drive onto the street and then return to his property.

The officer took photographs of two large contusions on the victim’s forehead. The video was reviewed by officers and retained for evidence.


Officers also spoke to the suspect, who claimed he was the son of God and that the world was being taken over by the devil, among other things, the complaint stated. He stated when the pizza delivery man came, he was trying to play a game on him and get into the house. The Baxter man admitted getting into the delivery driver’s car, driving it off of his driveway and that he struck the driver.

The officer smelled a strong odor of alcohol coming from the suspect, the complaint stated.

When officers told the suspect he was under arrest he became agitated and asked what he was being arrested for. The officer explained the charge was assault and he continued to be agitated and yell. When the officer attempted to control his right hand, the man brought his hand up and started screaming about the Central Intelligence Agency. He lunged at the officer who took him to the ground and eventually was able to handcuff him.

The man was released from custody on conditions he have no contact with the victim, make all future court appearances, maintain contact with his public defender and to not enter any bars or liquor establishments. His next court hearing is scheduled at 9 a.m. Jan. 25.

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