Police accuse Brainerd man of domestic assault as victim describes 10-25 hits to the head

Karl Marvin Erdman Jr.

Police arrested a 34-year-old Brainerd man Friday, Jan. 31, for allegedly assaulting a woman following a 911 call from someone who heard the victim yelling, “Get off me.”

Karl Marvin Erdman Jr. was charged Monday in Crow Wing County District Court in Brainerd with felony third-degree assault to cause bodily harm, felony domestic assault by strangulation and misdemeanor domestic assault.

According to the statement of probable cause charging Erdman, Brainerd police were called at 10:44 a.m. Friday, Jan. 31, to a Brainerd residence for a possible physical domestic. The caller heard loud yelling coming from Erdman's apartment for several hours that morning, but became very concerned and called police when he heard a woman yelling, “No, no,” and “Get off me.”

The sergeant walked into the apartment and saw the woman lying on the floor with her head on a pillow and a blanket over her. She was crying and stated she had been assaulted by Erdman, who is known to her. She reported Erdman was upset and angry and she believed it was due to the fact he had not been able to purchase and use methamphetamine for the previous four or five days.

The woman stated while she was in bed Erdman hit her first in her back, then in her face and other areas on her head. She estimated Erdman struck her in the head 10 to 25 times. She said Erdman also used his hand to strangle her while she was on the bed, to the point where she was unable to breathe or speak.


The woman then asked Erdman if she could lie down, and Erdman said she could, but she was not lying on the bed. She went to lie on the floor of the apartment and later Erdman started yelling at her and calling her names. Erdman used his hands to break her phone. She told officers when Erdman broke the phone, she was not trying to use it nor did she make any comments about planning to use it or calling for help. At this point, she was still lying on the floor, and Erdman began to kick her in the back and hip three to four times. Erdman then continued to yell at her for about five minutes until the sergeant arrived.

Police said Erdman admitted he became physical during the incident, but denied strangling the woman.

Erdman appeared before Judge Patricia A. Aanes, who ordered a $25,000 unconditional bond or a $3,000 bond with conditions including no contact with the victim, no leaving the state without written court approval, no use or possession of any firearms or dangerous weapons, no use of alcohol, drugs or any controlled substances and he must make all future court appearances. Erdman’s next court date has not yet been scheduled.

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