Rank advancements awarded to Scouts

Scouts from Central Minnesota Council, Boy Scout Troop 45, Brainerd, conducted its court of awards Dec. 18 at the Crow Wing County Highway Department.


Scouts from Central Minnesota Council, Boy Scout Troop 45, Brainerd, conducted its court of awards Dec. 18 at the Crow Wing County Highway Department.

"We presented our Scouts with several merit badges they earned over the past several months and we also presented a few of the Scouts with advancement in rank," said Scoutmaster Kyle Hall.

Three of the troop's Scouts received rank advancements during the court of awards.

Caleb Bugnacki, 12, earned both his Tenderfoot and First Class ranks, which are the second and third ranks a scout will earn. Andrew Becker, 12, earned his star rank, which is the fifth rank a scout will earn. Robert "Robby" Pike, 16, earned his life rank, which is the sixth rank a scout will earn and is one final advancement from earning Scouting's top award of Eagle Scout.

"Earning these badges means I have grown in my ways of Scouting and I have learn more and I am on my way to earning my Eagle Scout," said Bugnacki. "The most valuable lessons I have learned from Scouting is you have to be trustworthy and you have to work for what you want to earn."


There are many requirements for a Scout to advance to each rank in scouting. Some of the requirements for a Scout to advance Tenderfoot alone require the scout to: participate in a campout and prepare a meal, recite from memory the Scout Oath and Law and know some basic first aid skills, including how to help someone who is choking, help someone who has a cut and help someone who has a burn.

"I want to stick all the way through and earn my Eagle Scout," said Becker. "It means the world to me to earn this rank because I am getting closer to earning my Eagle. Earning your Eagle opens up so many more opportunities for you including job opportunities and it will help you with college."

"To see the work ethic that goes into scouting is humbling and to see how the Scout grows as they proceed through the ranks is so rewarding," said Hall. "We see how the boys grow, from when they first join the troop and they are squirrely kids, then we take them to summer camp and they get assigned responsibilities for taking care of things for the troop, they mature and that continues on year after year and every year they mature more and more."

"Advancement means I am growing and maturing and scouting helps teach you life lessons," said Becker.

As a Scout proceeds through the ranks it becomes their responsibility to teach as much as learn and they become responsible for mentoring the younger scouts.

"I earned my Life Scout rank tonight and it means its now my job to help the younger scouts," said Robby. "It makes me feel good to know that I am a part of the younger Scouts' Scouting experience and to help them work through things."

"Troop 45 works really hard to present opportunities for the scouts to advance but ultimately it comes down to them to make the choice to do the work and advance," said Hall. "We have about 30 scouts in our troop and over the past calendar year 28 of them advanced."

Also during the court of awards Troop 45 recognized one of it past Scoutmasters. Rocky Wells was presented with a plaque to honor his years of dedicated service to the troop.


Boy Scouts is open to any boy between the ages of 11 and 18. If a boy is interested in joining they can find a troop in their area by visiting .

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