Second filing period ends, but open seats with no candidates remain

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Many contested races have emerged, but also empty seats with no declared candidates after the second filing period for cities, townships, school districts and special districts in Crow Wing County ran its course from July 28 through Aug. 11.

Now, voters can decide on the declared candidates, or opt to write-in their preferred hopeful choice, for the following open seats during Election Day on Nov. 3:

Crow Wing County Cities and Townships

Crosby Mayor

  • James J. Hunter

  • Rick Ferrari.

  • Sierra McLean.

  • Joanna C. Lattery.

Crosby City Council (Elect Two)

  • Jim Traylor (incumbent)..

  • Phillip “Doc” Mihoover.

  • Paul Heglund (incumbent).

  • Don “Big Daddy” Keith.

  • Shawn Jarvela.

Mission Township Town Supervisor Seat A


  • Jim Roach (incumbent).

Mission Township Town Supervisor Seat B (Special Election)

  • Bob Steele.

  • Dave Hauser (incumbent).

Mission Township Town Clerk

  • Anna Anderson (incumbent).

Emily Mayor

  • Roger “Buddy” Lund (incumbent).

  • Tracy Jones.

  • Calen Spindler.

Emily City Council (Elect Two)

  • Mary Eppen.

  • Bill Spiess (incumbent).

  • Gerhart “Gary” Hanson (incumbent).

  • Donna R. Jones.

Baxter Mayor

  • Darrel Olson (incumbent).

Baxter City Council (Elect Two)

  • Mark Cross (incumbent).

Breezy Point Mayor

  • Tom Lillihei (incumbent).

  • Todd Roggenkamp.

Breezy Point City Council (Elect Two)


  • Rebecca Ball (incumbent).

  • Mark Miller.

  • Lee Brisbin.

  • Gary Mitchell (incumbent).

Gail Lake Township Special Election for Town Supervisor 1

  • William “Bill” Johnson (incumbent).

Gail Lake Township Town Clerk-Treasurer

  • Carol Johnson (incumbent).

Garrison City Council (Elect two)

  • Suzanne Foster (incumbent).

  • Darlene Stiger.

Garrison Mayor

  • Loren Larson

Garrison Township Treasurer

  • Tamarah Amundson.

Ironton Mayor

  • Greg Stanich

Ironton City Council (Elect Two)

  • Eric Heglund (incumbent).

  • Regina Radinovich.

  • Lee Henrichs (incumbent).

  • Shawn Hamdorf.

Jenkins City Council (Elect Two)


  • Debbie Stiller-Siltman.

Jenkins Township Town Supervisor 2

  • Michael Dubay (incumbent).

Jenkins Township Treasurer

  • Cheryl Stuckmayer (incumbent).

Jenkins Township Town Supervisor 3

  • Steven Lindsay Cox (incumbent).

Jenkins Mayor

  • Robert Heidelberger.

  • Jon W. Lubke (incumbent).

Ross Lake Township Town Supervisor 2

  • Mark Caspers.

Ross Lake Township Town Supervisor 2

  • Dan A. Newman.

Wolford Township Town Supervisor B

  • Daniel LaPierre (incumbent).

Wolfford Township Town Supervisor C


  • Donald Nyvold.

Deerwood Mayor

  • Michael Aulie (incumbent).

Deerwood City Council (Elect Two)

  • Eric Ostrowski (incumbent).

  • Josiah Granholm.

  • Mari Kivisto.

Deerwood Township Town Supervisor 1

  • Christopher Rhinehart,

  • James Walth (incumbent).

Crosslake Mayor

  • David Nevin (incumbent).

  • Patty Norgaard.

Crosslake City Council (Elect Two)

  • Catherine Funk.

  • Marcia Seibert-Volz

  • Mark Wessels.

  • Aaron S. Herzog (incumbent).

  • Lee Fischer.

Pillager Mayor

  • Bret Matheison (incumbent).

Pillager City Council (Elect Two)

  • Adam Sparrow.

  • Shawn Thayer (incumbent).

St. Mathias Township Town Supervisor A


  • James B. Guida (incumbent).

St. Mathias Township Town Clerk

  • Cassey Veith (incumbent).

Nisswa Mayor

  • John Ryan.

Timothy Township Town Supervisor A

  • Gary Raph (incumbent).

Timothy Township Town Supervisor B

  • Charles Bryant.

Timothy Township Treasurer

  • Beth Peterson (incumbent).

Nisswa City Council (Elect Two)

  • Ross Krautkremer.

  • Mark Utzinger.

Oak Lawn Township Supervisor 2

  • Steve Stroschein (incumbent).

Oak Lawn Township Treasurer


  • Roberta Vickerman.

Pequot Lakes City Council (Elect Two)

  • Scott Pederson (incumbent).

  • Jason Baca.

  • Pete Clement.

  • Kent Johnson.

  • Mimi Swanson (incumbent).

Pequot Lakes Mayor

  • James Tayloe (incumbent).

  • Tyler Gardner.

Riverton Mayor

  • David C. Peterson (incumbent).

Riverton City Council (Elect Two)

  • Ila Martin (incumbent).

  • Pamela Dobson (incumbent).

Little Pine Township Town Supervisor A

  • David Kauphusman (incumbent).

Nokay Lake Township Town Supervisor C

  • Dale Thompson (incumbent).

Nokay Lake Township Town Clerk

  • Alan Cunningham (incumbent)

Fifty Lakes Mayor

  • Steve Dahlke.

Fifty Lakes City Council

  • Toni Buchite (incumbent).

  • Julie Engle (incumbent).

  • Eric Miller.

  • Gary Staples.

  • Linda Steffan.

Fort Ripley Mayor

  • Gerald Tschida (incumbent).

Fort Ripley City Council (Elect Two)

  • Joseph Goble.

  • John Jorgenson.

Fort Ripley City Council Special Election

  • Charles Plante.

Lake Edward Township Supervisor Seat A

  • George R. Burnard (incumbent).

Lake Edward Township Treasurer

  • Donna Nedved (incumbent).

Long Lake Township Town Supervisor C

  • Thomas Malloy (incumbent).

Long Lake Township Clerk

  • Patsy Olson (incumbent).

Crow Wing County School Districts

Brainerd School Board

  • Freedom C. Porter

  • Kevin Boyles.

  • Jacquelyn Calos.

  • Emily LeClaire.

  • Sue Kern (incumbent)

  • Jana Shogren.

  • Bob Nystrom (incumbent).

  • Amanda Ciesinski Chan.

Pequot Lakes School Board

  • Kimberly Bolz-Andolshek (incumbent).

  • Curtis Keith Johnson (incumbent).

  • Susan Mathison-Young (incumbent).

  • Amy A. Sjoblad.

  • Cassandra James.

  • Mariah Hines.

  • Pamela Johnson.

  • Brad Becklin

Crosby-Ironton School Board

  • Kim Coughlin

  • Joe Dwyer (incumbent).

  • Abby Geotz (incumbent).

  • Tommy Sablan (incumbent).

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