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Cypress Drive, Edgewood open to traffic Friday

Road work continues on Baxter Drive. Renee Richardson / Brainerd Dispatch

BAXTER—Cypress Drive, between Greenwood Road and Industrial Park Road, and Edgewood Drive, both reopened to through traffic Friday, Oct. 5, in Baxter.

Motorists are asked to continue to monitor construction signs and drive with caution through the construction zones.

Contractor Landwehr advised road and utility work in the Highway 210/Golf Course Drive intersection will be ongoing over at least the next two weeks, weather dependent, and thus access to Highway 210 at Golf Course Drive will remain closed.

No turns will be allowed off of or onto Highway 210 at Golf Course Drive during this time. Golf Course Drive from Fairview Road to the north will continue to remain open.

The temporary traffic light at Golf Course Drive, that has been in place for many years, was removed last week.

Cypress Drive

• Disturbed areas of Cypress Drive south of Industrial Park Road, Greenwood Road and Basswood Road are planned to be bituminous patched prior to winter but will have gravel surfacing on them until paved.

• Work along Highway 210 at Golf Course Drive will be ongoing the weeks of Oct. 8 and 15.

• Golf Course Drive at Highway 210 will be a 3/4 intersection in which the only left turns allowed will be off Highway 210 when the intersection construction is complete this fall. There are similar such intersections in Baxter on Highway 371 at Clearwater Road and Highway 210 at Elder Drive.

• Construction activity will be ongoing adjacent to project roads in both 2018 and 2019 as after they are opened to traffic so drivers are asked to use caution when traveling through the work zone.

• Landwehr has advised they plan to finish Cypress Drive paving north of Highway 210. All plans are contingent upon weather. They also plan to pave the trails north of the railroad tracks.

There have been multiple water main shutdowns south of Industrial Park Road over the last two weeks to facilitate hydrant relocations and water service work. There has also been continued underground work completed for the traffic signals and street lighting systems north of the railroad tracks. Portable concrete barriers were also placed along Highway 210 at both the Cypress Drive and Golf Course Road intersections to protect construction workers and the public until work is completed there.

They plan to continue work in the Highway 210/Golf Course Drive intersection with storm sewer, grading, placement of aggregate base and concrete curb. There is also planned to be continued concrete work, final grading in boulevards, and trail paving on and along Cypress Drive north of the tracks. There will also be ongoing traffic signal and lighting system underground work north of the tracks. Miscellaneous grading and topsoiling will be ongoing. There may be another temporary water main shutdown south of Industrial Park Road, reported Scott Hedlund, Short Elliott Hendrickson senior project manager, in an email update. Hedlund said the city will distribute notifications to affected properties prior to any shutdowns.

Private utility relocation work between Industrial Park Road and College Road is wrapping up. There is still some electric relocation work to be completed along Cypress Drive between Greenwood Road and Industrial Park Road. There is also new activity by three carriers planned on the south side of the Cypress Drive/College Road intersection this week. There will continue to be intermittent utility relocation work north of the railroad tracks in 2018 as well but it is continuing to ramp down. Private utility companies will continue ongoing marking of their existing underground facilities as construction progresses in 2018 and 2019.

Edgewood Drive

Last week, the contractor continued to work behind the curb and gutter working on the irrigation systems, installing signs, placing sod and installing trees. They also completed the final paving of Edgewood Drive so the roadway could be opened to traffic.

This week, Chuck Rickart, project manager with WSB, said the contractor will continue to work in the area, completing some minor remaining parts of the project including final paving of the parking lots and final striping. Similar to the past several weeks access to the business and parking will be provided during these construction activities. Specific signing will be provided directing traffic to open accesses to the local businesses. Construction workers will still be in the area so officials urge people to continue to drive with caution through the construction zone.

Plans call for all roads and parking open to traffic—on or before Friday, Oct. 12, with final completion by Nov. 2, depending on weather.