Those who travel by foot, bicycle or motor vehicle, will have a five-month opportunity to try out demonstration projects set-up in the communities of Long Prairie, Braham and Wahkon.

The Minnesota Department of Transportation will install demonstration projects, then survey and collect participant feedback to evaluate if any of these potential scenarios can become permanent solutions on future construction projects.

All three projects use curb extensions, also called “bump-outs,” which visually and physically narrow the roadway. They create shorter crossings for pedestrians and increase visibility of people who walk or drive.

Crews will use temporary traffic control devices, and paint or white tape, to set-up project areas between May 19 to mid-June. The community is then invited to try out these demonstration projects:

  • Long Prairie, Todd County: A multi-use trail to be marked along Highway 287 between South First Street and South Fourth Street. Curb extensions and road narrowing will be set-up at the Highway 287 intersections of Southeast First Street, Second Street Southeast and Fourth Street Southeast.

  • Braham, Kanabec County: Curb extensions to be set-up at the intersection of Highway 107 and Central Drive. The road and parking along Highway 107 to be narrowed between Southwest Third Street and Northwest Second Street.

  • Wahkon, Mille Lacs County: Bump-outs and road narrowing will be set-up at the Highway 27 intersections of West First Street, Second Street and Third Street. A bike lane will be marked along both sides of Highway 27 between the curb and the on-street parking lane.

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Any participant feedback is welcome and will provide the department valuable insight in planning future projects. MnDOT will notify the community once the survey is live in mid-June. Learn more about demonstration projects, visit or contact MnDOT Project Manager Zach Whitley by email or phone 320-293-9411.