Unlimited Learning to host virtual seminar on ‘Three languages of politics’

King Banaian

During an upcoming virtual seminar 1:30 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 11, Lakes Area Unlimited Learning will delve into polarization, conflicts and deep divides that characterize the political world, whether it is local or global.

According to a news release, King Banaian, dean of the school of public affairs at St. Cloud State University, will focus on the different languages that progressives, conservatives and libertarians speak that distort debate and divide. He will teach techniques that will help people to speak all three languages with an outcome of a more rational, less heated, political discussion and a better understanding of political differences.

Banaian is also a professor at SCSU, specializing in the economy of central Minnesota and the state; was a legislator for House District 15B from 2011-13; and has a frequent podcast on KYCR where he "makes economic science a bit less dismal.” He will refer frequently to Arnold Kling’s book, “The Three Languages of Politics,” as a helpful resource.

The seminar is open for people to sign in to the Zoom meeting by sending an email to before the day of broadcast.

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