Viewpoint 181: Something to brighten your snowy mailbox

Brainerd Community Education guide is now available and registration for our winter session offerings opened Monday.

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We are deep into the coldest days of winter, but you should have received something to brighten your mailbox over the weekend. Our Brainerd Community Education guide is now available and registration for our winter session offerings opened Monday.

Our current guide has a variety of both in-person and virtual class offerings for all ages. I encourage you to take a look and find something that interests you. Whether you are anxious to get out of the house and participate in an in-person activity or more comfortable staying home on a cold winter night and logging in to a virtual offering, participating in a Community Education class is a great way to learn something new and connect with others in our community!

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Over the past couple of years, those of us working in Community Education had to get creative about the way we offered programming and cut back on many of the typical, wonderful things we do. Now we are excited to have our guide filling up with more and more activities as we now work to build back programming.

Ironically, as I look at the mountains of snow already accumulated in our parking lot, we are already starting to work on summer programs and it’s fun to be able to think ahead to longer days and warmer months.


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Community Education is always on the lookout for class ideas and instructors for both adult and youth enrichment classes. If you have a hobby, a skill, or just a passion for something that you’d like to share with others, I encourage you to learn more about teaching a Community Education class. You can find out more by visiting the “Teach a Class” page on the Community Education section of our website at , Community Education, Teach a Class; or by calling our enrichment coordinator, Leah Garry, at 218-454-6564. In my years working in Community Education, those who have decided to teach a class have found it very rewarding and a great way to get to know others with similar interests.

As I have recently moved to the Brainerd area for my position with Community Education, I have been busy making connections with colleagues and those who share this community. I am excited to continue to explore all of the opportunities in the area and to see how our community education offerings can continue to grow!

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