Voting open to name Brainerd’s snowplows

The snowplow names will go into effect next winter.

Brainerd residents can now vote for their favorite snowplow names. Photo courtesy of the city of Brainerd.

Voting is now open for Brainerd’s name-a-snowplow initiative.
Visit to vote on names for eight pieces of the city’s snow removal equipment. The equipment will all have stickers made with their names, ready for next winter.

Here are the finalists:

Mack plow truck No. 1 with wing

  • Choncy.

  • Bartholomew Blizzardblaster.

  • Kirby Truckett.

Loader with snowblower combination

  • Catalina Snow Mixer.

  • Nom nom nom.

  • Spirit of Carl Snowalter.

Mack plow truck No. 2 with wing

  • Snokyo Drift.

  • Blizzard Wizard.

  • Fran Truckington.

Sterling plow truck No. 1 with wing

  • Sir Plows-A-Lot.

  • Plow Now Brown Cow.

  • Saltan Sandy.

Sterling plow truck No. 2 without wing

  • Undercover FBI Van #113.

  • We’ve Been Plowing to Reach You About Your Car’s Extended Warranty.

  • Cousin Eddie.

Tractor with broom combination

  • Flanders.

  • And Broom Goes the Dynamite.

  • The Tar Tickler.

Road grader with wing

  • Slim Grady.

  • Scrapey McScraperson.

  • Grader Minnesota.

Loader with plow combination

  • Frank the Tank.

  • Petunia.

  • Pretty Good Snow Plow.

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