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Thursday registers record cold in Brainerd

Thursday's temperatures were reminiscent of deep winter, and they dipped low enough to crack the record books.

The record low maximum and minimum temperatures were both set Thursday for the Brainerd area, according to National Weather Service. The thermometer never made it past 20 degrees, while falling to 2 degrees. The normal maximum for November 9 in north-central Minnesota is 42 degrees, while the typical low temperature is 26 degrees.

The average temperature for the day also dethroned the previous record, measuring at 11 degrees.

Although temperatures were in the single digits from 8 p.m. Thursday through 8 a.m. Friday, they did not fall far enough to set a new record low for Nov. 10. The record of zero degrees in 1936 remains intact.

A warmup to more typical November weather is expected. By Monday, highs are anticipated to push closer to 40 degrees and may reach as high as 44 degrees Tuesday with a chance for rain showers in the afternoon. And those warmer temperatures are forecast to continue through the rest of the week.