AccuWeather Global Weather Center – Until recently, it's been a relatively warm but wet autumn across the Great Lakes. However, it looks as though Mother Nature wants to quickly turn the page right into winter. Persistent shots of cold Canadian air into next week will trigger rounds of lake-effect snow - including the potential for the heaviest round of the season yet.

As cold air pours over the relatively warm Great Lakes, a perfect recipe for accumulating snow is in store across the typical lake-effect snow belts.

One of the greatest dangers with lake-effect snow is how quickly conditions can change over the course of a few minutes or a few miles.

The first shot of cold air will follow a storm system sliding through the Northeast Thursday into Friday, and it will set off a brief round of lake-effect snow. Another reinforcing shot of punishing cold air early next week will likely bring the most significant lake-effect snow event of the season so far across the Great Lakes.

This first shot of lake-effect snow will be relatively short-lived with mainly minor accumulations.

Still, some heavier snow squalls bringing quickly accumulating snow and visibility quickly dropping to near-zero will create some travel headaches across the Great Lakes for a time Thursday night into Friday morning.

A strong area of high pressure will quickly build in by later Friday, effectively squashing the lake-effect snow machine.