What I love about Minnesota: May 11 marks 163rd anniversary of statehood

Kindergarten and third grade students at Lowell Elementary School in Brainerd shared their favorite things about Minnesota

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Lowell Elementary third grader Emily Smith shows off the Duluth-themed artwork she created in honor of Minnesota's Statehood Day May 11, 2021. Submitted photo

May 11, 2021, marks the 163rd anniversary of Minnesota becoming a state.

The application for the North Star State was submitted to President James Buchanan in January of 1858, but the president was tied up in dealing with Kansas’ statehood at the time and did not get to Minnesota’s application until several months later, according to the Library of Congress.

Minnesota eventually became the 32nd state to enter the union and now bears the nickname Land of 10,000 Lakes, paying homage to the state’s multitude of freshwater resources and shoreline.

But the lakes are just one of the many things to love about Minnesota. This year, students in two classes at Lowell Elementary School in Brainerd shared what they love about their state.

Tracy Czeck’s kindergarten class

My favorite thing about Minnesota is:


  • “The cherry on the spoon is cool,” Aycen.

  • “I love the airport,” Bryan.

  • “Being outside in nature,” Charlotte.

  • “We get to go fishing,” Cheyenne.

  • “Swimming in the summer,” Eastan.

  • “Going ice fishing with my family,” Emery.

  • “I love to stay in hotels,” Elliott.

  • “I like all the dogs,” Braxton.

  • “I love all of the nature,” Jaxson.

  • “I love the cherry on the spoon,” Millie.

  • “I love the night sky with stars,” Megan.

  • “Butterflies are beautiful,” Molly.

  • “I love the pizza places,” Nathaniel.

  • “I love to live in MN with all of the lakes,” Oliver.

  • “I love all of the love in Minnesota,” Selena.

  • “I like to make castles in the sand,” Samuel.

Erin Karlgaard’s third grade class

  • “I love all the lakes. In the winter you can ice-fish and skate, and in spring and summer, you can swim, tube, fish, boating and be on the beach! Lakes are everywhere in MN. There are 22,000 lakes in MN alone! Lakes are amazing!” - Brooke.

Lowell Elementary third grader Brooke Wymore shows off her Minnesota-themed artwork she created to celebrate Statehood Day May 11, 2021. Submitted photo

  • “I’ve gone on many trips to Deluth, and seen waterfalls, climbed mountains, but I’ve gone on trips to campsights too. Gooseberry (lower falls) has a big arch that you can walk on! Cascade leads out to Lake Supierior. A beauty is the sunrise. The Mystery Caves have biolumonesent water and fossils cover the cieling.” - Emily

  • “In Minnesota I like all the lakes because they are buttyfull and can swim in them.” - Ciara.

  • “One thing that I like about Minnesota is the crazy weather. Like if it is eighty degrees out twenty minutes later is snowing and freezing cold! Thats what I like about Minnesota.” - Eli.

  • “One of my favorite outside activities is to enjoy looking at the beautiful colors of nature. What better place to do that than some of the Minisota State Parks! One of my favorite state parks is gooseberry falls. Did you know that waterfalls freeze starting from the top? Gooseberry falls is a very pretty place to look at nature! Even though its far from brainerd, it’s worth the drive. Gooseberry falls is clearly the best state park. If you want proof, go see for yourself.” - Sofia.

Lowell Elementary third grader Sofia Fargo shows off the Minnesota-themed artwork she created to celebrate Statehood Day May 11, 2021. Submitted Photo

  • “I like that winter is longer, but colder. Its really fun in the winter because its longer so… MORE WINTER SPORTS, like skiing, ice skating, snow boarding, and more that’s what I like about minnesota (and you can build a snowman!) When its summer, its a hot day everyday. And if your interested in sports there are plenty, like… football, soccer, basketball, baseball, and plenty more. Minnesota is known from having LOTS of lakes. And for being cold. But thats a minor problem. We actually have more than 11,000 lakes. (Thats lots of water to swim in.)” - Kellen.

Lowell Elementary student Kellen Faber shows off the Minnesota-themed artwork he created to celebrate Statehood Day May 11, 2021. Submitted photo

  • “Here are a few things that I love about Minensota. First I love how many lakes there are. Second I love all the cherchis. There are a few things that I love about Minnesota.” - Anonymous third grader.

  • “What I like about Minnesota is our lakes. Swimming in sumer ice skating in winter, and there is so many lakes that you could go to a new one each year. Another thing I like about Minnesota is all the different trees and flowers.” - Olivia.

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