Yearbook brings out the best in student, student brings out the best in yearbook

Advisers in the fine arts programs at Brainerd High School name a Fine Arts Student of the Week every week. This week it is yearbook.

Layne Christian
Brainerd High School senior Layne Christian was named this week's Fine Arts Student of the Week for her work in Brainonian. The yearbook adviser states the senior has always been well-focused and works hard to make the deadline. Jennifer Kraus / Brainerd Dispatch

Layne Christian

Grade: Senior.

Age: 17.

Art focus: Brainerd High School Brainonian.

Adviser nomination: “Layne has always been well-focused, working to always do what needs to be done to make the deadline. Being creative with her solutions and having a driven work ethic, Layne has proven to have a great combination of attributes that improve the production of the yearbook.”


Memorable fine arts achievement: “My greatest achievement would be I grew up being not so talkative. Yearbook has brought me closer to feeling comfortable with talking to people I have never met.”

Artist most admired: “Mr. (Richard) Jensen because he definitely has been a big role model for me on what I want to do with my life and who I want to surround myself with in my future.”

Other fine arts activities: Interior Design first semester and Pottery II next semester.

Why did you join yearbook? “I joined last year because I knew I really enjoyed photography and enjoyed talking to people. I was nervous (about talking to people), but I wanted to get myself to do it. I knew I was going to have to join something to talk to people my own age, so thought yearbook would be a good way to get to know people.”

How has yearbook helped you grow? “Yearbook has made me more social and I am able to recognize good people. Not to say you have to be in a club to be good, I mean it really showed me who really cares and what matters in life. …

“Yearbook also helped me increase my photography skills. I have really expanded more of what I like in my interests in photography in yearbook class. There are things you need to recognize before taking a picture, that emphasizes what the picture is about. A picture is worth words. I kind of like taking pictures of landscapes, but also like taking pictures of other people because I like finding the good qualities that they might not see, like in a regular school picture.”

What is your role? “I am more of an everybody person. I try harder, I get my stuff done faster and I’m helping other people more. I am there for anything that needs to get done. The editors have the pages scheduled ahead and I basically got to choose what pages I wanted to do. I did the Color Run and the yearbook page, which I am excited about. The page will have pictures of our yearbook staff members. We want to do a separate picture of everyone and tie it all together.”

Proudest page: “I wrote the speech for Mr. Jensen to say at the Color Run, which was a big deal for me because I’ve never really done anything that important before. It may not seem that important, but it was to me. Yearbook connected with The Lighthouse Project to put on the Color Run, which was in September. It was about a minute long speech on recognition and to get everyone motivated. The Color Run was a big deal and I got to choose what the yearbook page will look like.”


What do you hope to accomplish? “Being able to tie everyone together into the staff page and I want to show people who are looking in the yearbook what yearbook life is about for other students thinking about joining or those who don’t like it to see that it is pretty awesome. Not only is it a class you have to work in, it’s not that hard of work, but you also get to talk to people and be a family with people you don’t ever think you will be close to, but you get close to them because this class is like a job, but you don’t get paid for and you love your job.”

Dream job: “Recently, I’ve been thinking of continuing my dad’s business, Shannon’s Auto Body, and I want to run it after he retires. I want to change a few things, but I want to make it something of my own. I work for him now, I detail, I file and clean and he shows me random stuff all the time.

“After high school, I plan to go to Central Lakes College and do business management and if I have to transfer to a four-year college after that I will.”

Worse subject: Math.

Favorite movie: “Little Miss Sunshine.”

Favorite TV show: “South Park.”

Last book you read: “‘Hamlet.’ I loved it. I didn’t fully understand it until I realized he is a psychopath.

Favorite song: “Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy.”


Favorite band: Fall Out Boy.

Favorite restaurant: Grizzly’s Wood-Fired Grill in Baxter. “I also work there.”

Perfect meal: “Spaghetti. I like the sauce and noodles mixed together with parmesan on top, but not too much.”

Biggest pet peeve: “When people chew with their mouth open.”

Parents: Shannon and Amie Christian of Brainerd and the late Candice Bishop-Norgaard.

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