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Reader Opinion: No excuses

Mike McFeely, in the Nov. 27 Dispatch, says liberals should speak up, punching Republicans in the face. Ready?

America's president, where "America" includes North, Central, and South (not just the U.S., all puffed up about itself), pulled off an absolutely amazing accomplishment. President Trump—a master of useless, but dangerously harmful, abilities.

Supposedly honoring the Navajo Code Talkers from World War II, in our own Capitol, Trump dragged Navajos in front of his favorite painting of conservative, racist, genocidal butcher U.S. President Andrew Jackson.

Think Cherokee "Trail of Tears" (worse than Bataan Death March). Jackson's Indian Removal Act murdered 4,000 Cherokees, including children.

Trump managed to simultaneously insult and dishonor Navajos, World War II veterans, women, the Cherokees, Code Talkers of other tribes, and elders who by being World War II veterans were at least 90 years old. It took him less than two minutes.

Trump condescendingly patted an elder Navajo warrior on the shoulder, while reciting Trump's own fourth-grade level knowledge of U.S. history, and kindergarten level of Indian history, onto people who've been forced to live it for 500 years.

Then, in front of these Indian people, he had to again make what he so obviously and proudly thinks is a clever and original statement. He stupidly slammed Sen. Elizabeth Warren for being a small percentage Cherokee, referring to her as "Pocahontas."

Trump dodged the Vietnam Conflict draft, using five deferments. No wonder he feels so insecure around soldiers, real men. He feels obliged to smear them at every opportunity. Think Sen. John McCain, and many others. Think Mr. and Mrs. Khizr Kahn, real patriots, not "fake" Americans like Trump.

You've got to feel really sorry for someone this deranged, but that's no excuse to allow him to remain living in our White House.

A. Martin