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Reader Opinion: Grow up

To everyone who has nothing positive to say about President Trump, here are some of his accomplishments (11 months):

Illegal immigration down 70 percent; consumer confidence at 125.6, highest since 2000; mortgage applications/new homes, seven-year high; took us out of TPP; pulled out of the lopsided Paris accord; Keystone Pipeline approved.

103,432 pages of federal regulations under Obama as of Dec. 19, 2017, cut nearly in half; unemployment lowest since 2000; allowing private healthcare choices fo vets; stock market highest in history; coal mining regulation rollback.

NATO allies boost spending by 4.3 percent; $89 billion saved in regulation rollbacks; $600 million cut in U.N. peacekeeping budget; stopped companies from moving from America; saved $22 million, cut White House payroll; 193 United Nations - pay their share?; refused presidential paycheck, goes to veterans issues.

His list goes on!

In comparison, Obama's eight years/legacy:

Benghazi; NSA spying on Americans; investigating conservative journalists; Fast/Furious; VA scandal; Obamacare hoax; losing health insurance; partial birth abortion; transgender bathrooms; sanctuary cities; 11 million illegals to stay; "Don't ask, don't tell;" same sex marriages; $9.3 trillion debt under his watch; Bergdahl exchange; he didn't attempt to clean up Chicago, his hometown, where 650-800 die every year (shootings).

Ever hear anything from ABC, CBS, NBC, HLN, CNN, Washington Post? Not a word. He was a black president and generous with welfare checks and stamps. So the major liberal news, hands off. A real loser. Only Fox News spoke up.

Like him or not, Trump's not a politician (thank God!), but is fulfilling his promises as president to the American people, and forget the ratings.

You lefties cut off your noses in spite of your faces. Your hypocrites who lost - grow up. He's here for three more years. Bite the bullet.

Jack Schmidt

Pequot Lakes