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Hackensack: Northwoods Art and Book Festival brings out crowd

Poet Sharon Harris watches as a customer considers her book during the Aug. 11 Northwoods Arts Council Art and Book Festival.1 / 3
Several jewelry vendors were at the Northwoods Arts Council's Art and Book Festival Aug. 11 in Hackensack.2 / 3
Cathy Hasser of Longville looks at a Birch Bark moose at Dave's Rustic Furniture stand at the Northwoods Art Council Art and Book Festival in Hackensack, Aug. 11.3 / 3

Haze and a windless, warm day could not keep people away from the Northwoods Arts Council's annual Art and Book Festival in Hackensack on Saturday, Aug. 11.

The event attracted visitors from all over the area to meet vendors, authors and artists alike, as it does every year. Attractions of all sorts ranging from food to jewelry and furniture accompanied the many authors and poets who filled the community building, church and street during the event.

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