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Mountain Biking: C-I takes top honors

ROCKFORD—Wins by Braden Anderson and Jay Hunter pedaled Crosby-Ironton to the top of the Division 2 field in the Minnesota Mountain Biking High School event Sunday, Sept. 9, at Lake Rebecca Trail.

Anderson posted the fastest varsity boys time, while Hunter paced the freshmen field. Other top 10 finishes for C-I were Kaleb Bauer and Noah Coughlin in the varsity boys division, Ean Hunter and Lance Anderson on the junior varsity boys and Courtney Johnson in varsity girls.

Brooke Johnson was third in freshmen girls and Anna Coughlin was fourth in junior varsity girls.

Cuyuna Lakes placed fifth as a team. Jake Hennies fourth place in junior varsity boys led the team. Nicholas Nierenhausen scored a seventh followed by Isaiah Hamilton in eighth for freshmen boys. Peter Nierenhausen was 10th in varsity boys.

Brainerd finished 19th in the 35-team field. Leading the way were Parker Linn in sixth place in freshmen boys and Sam Pikula in ninth for varsity boys.

On the middle school level, Cuyuna Lakes finished seventh with Addie Ryan's fourth-place finish in the seventh-grade girls division leading the way. Amelia Pederson scored a 10th-place finish.

Brainerd finished 12th with Hayden Hagen's first in the boys seventh-grade class topping the field. Will Thomes was seventh in the eighth-grade division.

Crosby-Ironton finished 13th in the 31-team field. Kolbe Severson was ninth and James Lewandowski 10th in the boys seventh-grade division.



Varsity: 16-Javan Hemsworth 1:02:29.8, 18-Christopher Boucher 1:02:36.3, 30-Kaden Sheflo 1:09:52.7

Junior varsity: 9-Sam Pikula 46:26.6, 10-Ethan Cady 46:29.4

Junior varsity 2: 17-Talon Yost 35:02.2, 21-Dominic Craig 32:28.5, 59-Briston Domino 38:14.8

Freshman: 6-Parker Linn 32:11.9, 15-Henry Stephens 34:05.0, 16-Cole Weinrich 34:10.1, 25-Baden Bastian 35:48.3, 31-Logan Omberg 36:43.3, 50-Christopher Tix 39:02.7

8th-grade: 7-Will Thomes 17:08.0, 12-James Foster 17:41.5, 26-Jackson Beckers 19:15.8

7th-grade: 1-Hayden Hagen 17:10.2, 39-Wyatt Holst 23:34.5. 43-Matt Thomes 24:26.1



Varsity: 1-Braeden Anderson 58:20.9, 4-Kaleb Bauer 59:01.1, 5-Noah Coughlin 59:01.1, 11-Sam Roberts 1:01:23.6, 17-Evan Hutchison 1:02:35.9, 22-Cuyler Rono 1:04:52.3

Junior varsity: 4-Ean Hunter 46:20, 5-Lance Anderson 46:20.4, 14-Trevor Hutchison 47:45.9, 16-Ben Gujer 47:46.8

Freshmen: 1-Jay Hunter 30:18.4, 26-Dominic French 35:59.9, 29-Easton Maucieri 36:33.4

8th-grade: 13-Bradley Hachey 17:52.1, 34-Caleb Jacobson 20:10.5

7th-grade: 9-Kolbe Severson 19:04.5, 10-James Lewandowski 19:14.0, 11-Samuel Coughlin 19:14.0


Varsity: 10-Courtney Johnson 1:16:00.6

Junior varsity: 4-Anna Coughlin 37:35.2

Freshmen: 3-Brooke Johnson 36:13.8

Cuyuna Lakes


Varsity: 10-Peter Nierenhausen 1:01:03.6

Junior varsity: 27-Austin Schroeder 49:04.2

Junior varsity 2: 4-Jack Hennies 35:56.8, 40-Nathan Rom 37:00.0

Freshman: 7-Nicholas Nierenhausen 32:12.2, 8-Isaiah Hamilton 32:13.4, 32-Ben Harris 36:46.1

8th-grade: 20-Kal Larson 18:56.7

7th-grade: 20-Enoch Anderson 20:16.9


7th-grade: 4-Addie Ryan 19:38.8, 10-Amelia Pederson 21:43.8

Varsity: 11-Gracen Hardy 1:17.57.9