Right up there with death and taxes, nothing is more predictable than change. In the case of politics, it is inevitable in every party. But never have I seen the scope of changes that have affected the Democratic party in such a short period of time.

For those of you who remember the likes of a John Kennedy, Hubert Humphrey or a Barbara Jordan, it must come as a complete shock to see what is unfolding before you.

Ten years ago a man was elected who said he would "fundamentally change America." Then, eight years later, a man who could "never be elected" was. From that day forward he has been vilified 24/7 by the Democrats and a media whose reporting has been 93 percent negative.

Rest assured, this is not your daddy's or grandparents' party. It has been hijacked by socialist-communists who would "radically change America." Would daddy, et al, approve of open borders, same sex marriage, unisex bathrooms in our schools, free everything and the trashing of our Constitution, etc., etc.? I think not.

If the radicals prevail in this election, they have openly vowed to impeach the president and justice Kavanaugh for starters, and erase every positive thing that has been achieved in the past 22 months.

Two years ago I wrote that the Supreme Court was at stake. It still is along with the country as we have known it.

Remember these things as you head for the polls on Nov. 6.

Larry Chantland