I had a chance to speak at a dinner a few weeks back. I won't name the society but they are one of many in this area that are committed to promoting and keeping this lakes area better then we found it. It seems almost ludicrous to think we have to have an organized effort to keep from destroying this beautiful place but it's true and it's happening. Now I'm not talking about the crazies who deliberately destroy things. There will always be some of them and for the most part they are dealt with. No, I'm talking about those who think the rules don't apply to them. I'm also talking about those who see conservation as getting in their way to making money.

Newton's Third Law said, "For every action there is an equal and imposing action." It was meant to apply to motion and physics but it's not a stretch to see it apply to people's efforts to wrong a right, as it applies to our earth. Until we can get a clear-cut way to recognize truth from lies, honest efforts from deception, this will always be a struggle. No matter how much organized science tries to present the facts, those who feel financially impacted by the results will turn to their own alternative facts, which are often without merit, to shape their views. It will be that way until the day comes when the truth so outweighs the lies that they can't hide anymore behind their misguided rhetoric and far to often it will be too late for change.

When looking for the truth, I often look for "skin in the game" when I try to figure out why people feel as they do. Money and power is a huge obstacle for the truth.

Mike Holst