Level 3 predatory offender Terrance Lee Lindmark relocated within Brainerd city limits as a homeless person, the Brainerd Police Department reported.

Lindmark, 58, reported to the Crow Wing County Sheriff's Office he would be registering as homeless in Brainerd as of Wednesday, April 17. Brainerd police have been in contact with Lindmark, who indicated he will be in the area of Laurel Street near East River Road. Earlier this week, Lindmark was reportedly homeless in the vicinity of French Rapids, northeast of Brainerd near the Mississippi River.

Lindmark has a history of sexual contact with male and female victims, ages 4-10 years old. Force was used to gain compliance, and Lindmark was known to his victims. He served the sentence imposed on him by the court and is not wanted by law enforcement.

Since Lindmark is not new to the community and has lived in Brainerd in the past, the Brainerd Police Department reported no community notification meeting will occur. Public Fact Notification Sheets will be available at the police department and information will be posted on the department's Facebook page.

Lindmark was previously reported to be homeless in the downtown Brainerd area by Brainerd police in June 2017.