I want to say "Paul, Paul, Paul" to Senate Majority Leader Mr. Gazelka for his lack of creativity. His leadership is just like that of the national Republican Party under such notables as his namesake Paul Ryan and going back to that fine, stubborn manipulator Newt Gingrich, the grand poobah of the do-nothing modern Republicans. They have practically defined dysfunctional government.

Like spoiled children they have tantrums if they cannot get their way. They cry and hold their breath-occasionally making the entire nation hold its breath by shutting down government. Like spoiled children they kick their feet and have public conniption fits while, trancelike, chanting their mantras of "no new taxes" (or better yet give tax breaks to those on top) and "no regulation of business".

In truth, the Republican Party has been co-opted by the Libertarian Party. It believes in a very un-American definition of "republic" which has the rich and powerful acting as if they represented the "will of the people".

In a democracy the process is to discover what the citizens and the society need to stay healthy and sustainable and then for the society to pitch-in together to find the revenue to accomplish those tasks. The new Republicans go at it in the exact opposite way: decide how little they want to allow the society to have and then see if there is anything left-the trickle down-to help the citizens after first taking care of the privileged class.

And if you can't get what you want, make sure nothing of any value happens. Obstruction, obstruction, obstruction-thy name is Paul.

Bob Passi