As if plans for this year couldn’t be any more unpredictable and disappointing, it looks like for now I’m stuck hunting in Minnesota this year for deer.

I’ve exhausted every resource for heading to Montana, so it looks like I’ll be focusing on whitetail. I dug out the bow and made sure I could still shoot so now it’s time for some cool fall mornings in the deer stand.

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This year I might even do a little waterfowl hunting, since everything else has taken a back burner the last five years that I’ve been going out West.

There were a couple options for a possible cow hunt but when I’ve been lucky enough to fill a bull tag the last few years I kind of want to skip it and wait for a bull tag next year. Don’t get me wrong I have shot a cow and it was an amazing hunt but honestly I’m a little spoiled, or lucky, or both.

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No matter what this fall brings it will be fun to get back in the deer woods and to get ready for rifle season. This year the stands will be all fixed up and even have a bunch of new trails cut, something that should have been done a few years ago. So far I’ve seen some pretty good deer sign in the woods, but sadly even more wolf sign. Hopefully that season will be back on the menu soon.

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