So far this year our deer season hasn’t had much to do with deer. It seems more like we are just sitting in trees watching birds. The gunshots have been pretty quiet and scrapes and fresh sign has been non-existent.

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This has been the first year since I can remember that I’ve come home during the week to work rather than sit all season. Hopefully this weekend the cooler temps and maybe some snow will bring better hunting. Thankfully for us it’s got more to do with tradition than hunting.

This was the first year that I never even saw a doe or fawn from the stand I’ve been hunting since I was 14 or so. But each year, as the deer numbers seem to be lower, amazingly there is more and more wolf sign? But since I know we don’t have a wolf problem I guess I don’t know what’s going on.

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No matter what the Minnesota season brings I’ll be headed back to Montana to chase deer in a couple weeks. And hopefully that big muley makes a mistake this year. At least I know I won’t have to climb any mountains on this trip as I’m still recovering from the last trip.

Well, I hope everyone walks away from this deer season with some great memories, and hopefully a little something for the wall.

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