I was really hoping to have a better report for the second week of deer camp but this year it just wasn’t in the cards.

We did have a couple of nice bucks taken off the property but overall the word for the year was slim. High winds once again didn’t help but at least the temps were right for deer hunting.

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I’m glad to see some hunters had good luck this year. I have seen some nice bucks on social media and, even better, some youth hunters with their first trophies, and I guess that’s all you can ask for being it is 2020.

Being it looks like we will have a little time before ice fishing I think it’s time to head back to Montana to chase some mule deer. This time of year the rut can be pretty crazy out there and there doesn’t seem to be any winter storms coming so hopefully it will be smooth sailing. After hours looking at maps I’m going to be checking out some new areas so I’m excited to see some new terrain and hopefully some big bucks.

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Good luck out there if you are still chasing white-tails and chill out on the ice for a bit, we will have plenty of winter coming.

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