It has been one crazy week in Montana chasing mule deer.

Even though I'm coming home without a big buck I will have to say it hasn't been a wasted trip whatsoever. I always thought of the eastern part of the state as pretty flat but boy was I wrong about that. I've been all over the state trying to find the right deer on the right land and I've gotten to hunt flat land in the south, rocky hills covered in pine trees in the center and wheat fields with tree-covered coulees to the north.

In one part the deer were on their feet all day but on land I couldn't hunt, in another part they were holding tight and very nocturnal. I did get to see some monsters and passed on some smaller ones. And I filled my doe tag on the last day so considering I got to see some amazing country, meet some new friends and celebrate Thanksgiving on my tailgate with a ham sandwich and an apple pie, I will still call this trip a great one.

I still have a couple days of the season left but Thursday my legs said enough is enough, so time to come back to Minnesota. Rumor has it Red Lake is putting out walleyes so maybe it's time for some fishing.

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