This time of year we normally see the good fishing start to slow until late ice time. But this year I just cannot wait for the seasons to change.

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With the slow start we cancelled some out of town trips, and of course Canada is still off limits and to top it off the mountain lion quota in Montana, where I would probably be right now, was filled last week. So it looks like it will be a little more time to find something new to do this winter.

Maybe a trip to the boundary waters needs to be planned. Or maybe Devils Lake, North Dakota, or maybe some of those lakes in South Dakota for perch? Lake Superior was next on the list but after everyone needed to be rescued off the ice last week those plans are definitely on hold right now.

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So if you’re getting tired of the same old same old maybe it’s time to plan something “different” to liven up your winter. There are lots of options out there.

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