The ice fishing season definitely ended fast, but with a bang.

The trip north ended up being well worth the drive, even though the wind didn’t let up until the last day the temps made for a great time. As far as the fishing, it just was one of those trips where you couldn’t do anything wrong. The bluegills and crappies we found were still deep and surprisingly biting all day and, even better, you didn’t even have to use bait.

Jamie Dietman with some late ice crappies. Photo by Jamie Dietman
Jamie Dietman with some late ice crappies. Photo by Jamie Dietman

The bite stayed consistent but the ice went fast. From driving out the first day, to using an ATV the second, to walking on the last day.

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Although you could probably find ice somewhere the season for me is done, and just in time because the Rainy River is going strong. All the accesses are open and so far it's been clean water. And with very little snowpack it should stay that way. But keep in mind this year if you go, the river is very low and there will be plenty of obstacles to spot that you normally don’t see.

So, adios ice and hello sturgeon!

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