Boy it’s crazy, it’s only early July but a couple cool mornings and I’m all ready for the summer heat to be over.

For me, summer is just a gateway to fall, which as you can tell is my favorite season of them all. So many things to look forward to like the hope of filling my Montana bull tag again. Getting up to deer camp and spending some time in the deer stand and, just maybe this year, seeing a deer. And then you can always fill in your spare time with grouse and duck hunting. And, of course, the amazing fall fishing is always on the schedule.

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But for now we will just have to keep roasting in the sun for a while longer. I guess one of the problems we have as Minnesotans is our love/hate relationships with the drastic changes in the seasons. Maybe that’s a good problem to have.

One fall dream I’m holding on to is someday drawing a Minnesota elk tag. I know the chances are very low to get one of these coveted tags, but a guy can dream, right? And just in case you didn’t know how low the odds are to get a Minnesota elk tag, they are about the same odds as the Minnesota DNR actually working out a wolf hunt, and that’s pretty low.

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