DULUTH -- It was a hot summer, but also a season that flew by quickly. Still, Ali UpNorth and her young family were able to spend time at the family cabin and fish as well as preparing her bow for the hunting season.

In this episode of her Northland Outdoors podcast, Ali shares her summer adventure to Bowfest at Mont Du Lac Resort in Superior, Wis., and her family's work on their farm in Duluth.

Mont Du Lac Resort's multi-course layout is a good place to train to hunt, Ali says.

"You're going up the hills, down the hills, and by the time you get to your target, you're a little bit winded," Ali says. "If you've ever been hunting and have seen a live animal, when you see that animal and you're preparing to shoot, you get this adrenaline rush. For me, it's a really good way to train to hunt because my heart is beating fast, I'm out of breath and I'm shooting at different angles."

Ali is an outdoor writer and marketing consultant living in Northern Minnesota who loves fishing, hunting, and outdoor adventures. To learn more about Ali, visit her website and Instagram page.

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