For our hunting party — and many others I talked to that hunt up north — opening weekend was a bust. And for the first time ever, many die hard hunters I know went fishing rather than put any more hours in sitting in a tree.

Hopefully this snow and colder temps help us out a bit this weekend. However, we had areas that had pretty good hunting and some big bucks were definitely on the move. And this weekend things should just get better for those still out in the deer woods.

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Around the Brainerd area I've heard mixed results but it seems this year there has been a lot of luck with the youth hunters, which is great to see. It just goes to show if you stick it out in the woods long enough great things can happen.

Speaking of that, one of my hunting buddies that spends so much time in the woods, from bow hunting to rifle to freezing cold muzzleloader season, finally had all the hard work pay off for her on opening weekend. Congrats Mandy Uhrich on your great buck. All those hours in the stand paid off.

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Good luck hunting everyone!

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