After a slow start and a lot of bad reports, round two of Montana deer hunting turned out pretty great.

To celebrate our 50th birthdays, Chris Coborn and I along with his son Cole headed out to chase some mule deer. We had planned to start in the center of the state and make our way north, but with several reports of disease and drought hitting the deer herd hard we didn't have great expectations.

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The first two days brought winds over 60 mph and some of the toughest hunting I've seen. But on the second day I managed to get a good shot on a decent buck and, just like that, my tag was filled. And with the amount of deer we were seeing I was pretty happy to get it done.

On day three the wind finally stopped and the deer were visibly excited to get out and about. After finding a few in different spots we went back to the property I got mine the day before. After a couple hours Chris was able to fill his first mule deer tag on a nice 5 by 5. Cole filled his tag a couple weeks ago in the same area so our season was wrapped up pretty quickly.

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Now I guess it's time for ice fishing.

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