I have no opinion on whether we should build a wall or not. However, what do I think about a wall on our southern border keeping out drugs? The vast majorities of illegal drugs come through legal points of entry or are manufactured here. A lot of them that are smuggled into this country are brought in by citizens of this country. Americans have an insatiable appetite for drugs. The only way to cut down on the drug smuggling is to quit buying the drugs. This is not going to happen in this country. They have been trying for 50 years and have failed miserably at it. You need only to go back to prohibition to see how well that works. The past cost of the war on drugs and its economic impact of what drugs have done to our country, would build a wall completely around the whole country many times over.

As I speak, more and more states are legalizing pot. They are making it legal to buy in their dispensaries in an effort to support the public demand for it and I guess that's the way a democracy works. But governments also see an opportunity to tax it. I ask, if you wanted to buy some, would you pay their higher price for it, or would you look for a better price in the alley. Most people like a bargain and hate paying taxes. Again, I don't smoke it but if you want too, knock yourself out. No pun intended. I just don't think a wall is going to stop drug smuggling. I believe the Illegal drug sellers are instead, thanking our government for heating up the market.

Mike Holst