Sometimes I like to kid my significant other and consequently the level of trust she has for me has taken a toll. Maybe it's the consequences I deserve for not always being genuine but yet I have too much fun with it to abandoned it. I know that she knows that it's all in fun and I mean no harm.

There is however, a much more critical matter and a serious lack of trust in our society today that is no laughing matter and it is hurting our relationships with each other and in the case of our government, with other countries. Without trust you have nothing. Trust is most often lost when you don't keep your word. As when we ask Russia for proof that they aren't breaking treaties, when we know they are, and they know that we know they are, and they still say they aren't-well where do you go from there?

England doesn't trust the European union and vice versa; we don't trust China and right back at us. Our leaders say one thing to the voters and do another and then they say, "Just trust me on this." We should say, "Fool me once shame on me. Fool me twice shame on you."

Until the day comes around again, when you can seal a deal with a smile and a handshake, we will live and work in a world that doesn't see anybody as truthful and honest and when we get down to that point, a whole lot of other things like integrity, honesty, truthfulness and respect will be just outmoded words without meaning. Then well meaning people who are still trying to live by those rules become liars and cheaters, guilty by association with those who ruined it for everyone.

Mike Holst