I, too, am sick and tired. Tired of listening to adolescent "adults" preach and virtue signal against all the hatred, while simultaneously declaring their own hatred for the President.

You needn't even be a Trump supporter to grow weary of the blatant -- and childish -- hypocrisy.

From fake news to more self inflicted hate hoaxes, it gets very tiring listening to these fellow travelers. One can scarcely open a can of alphabet soup without someone being offended, and apparently all because of that “SOB in the White House.”

I'm also to the point of retching over the letters demanding that we swallow the Green New Deal malarkey.

You have to wonder if those letters were hand-written and walked over to the paper, or if they were generated on a computer and transmitted electronically.

This would not, could not, be allowed under the GND, of course. I doubt these naive and oh-so-noble proponents even considered these consequences.

Insects and climate change? Please. Spare me.

Let's not be in such a rush to return to the 19th century, OK? Or, as the Soviets, who starved millions of their citizens called it, an "agrarian society."

Why do some refuse to see the realities of socialism/communism when we have Venezuela failing before our eyes?

I guess they are too deeply committed to change without ever caring or considering whether or not change is necessary or even wanted.

It's way passed the time to call these revolutionary charlatans out for who and what they are.

Tony Bauer