Is it true that some Crow Wing Power board members, past and current, received an undisclosed $70,000 gift of the member's money? I have heard comments about even larger undisclosed payments being made to management. Is this possible? I would think the member elected board would take action if they became aware of such activity. How can the members properly oversee the actions of Crow Wing Power management and the board if there is no transparency? Why are members now being denied access to the monthly board meetings? I understand common practice was always to just show up and observe the meetings. Now members must request permission in writing only to be denied access! If both management and the board are complicit in this abuse, where can members go for resolution? Although I am not a member of Crow Wing Power, I am still concerned about abuse of power and corruption. I hope co-op members will contact their elected representative about this.

Dale Walz

Former state representative