I want to thank Dale Walz for his recent Reader Opinion letter, "Crow Wing Power Abuse." If this is true, it is important to note that those who took such payments and those who have allowed it are all guilty of violating member's rights. This includes all current and some past board directors; the only exception being Bryan McCulloch who is doing all he can to bring this to light. As a result of Mr. McCulloch's efforts he is currently being ostracized by CWP management and the other board members, even being denied full access to board meetings and subsequent votes. Where do CEO Bruce Kraemer and corporate attorney Paul Johnson stand on this abuse of power? Wouldn't they be aware of such payments and the mistreatment of a duly elected board member, since they oversee all board meetings?

The $5 million question is, why did seven of the nine directors accept a $70,000 bonus payment, and two directors reject it? What other payments were made and not disclosed to CWP members? Please call your director and voice your concerns. The best resolution to this problem is to replace all incumbent board members. Please remember this when filling out your CWP director's ballot. Let's bring some common sense and transparency back to the members board.

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Lisa Fischer